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1 BHK Satisfaction Home for Rs. 26 Lakhs at City Lights, Khed Shivapur

1) Who is the builder of City Lights at Khed Shivapur?
2) Is it safe to invest in City Lights at Khed Shivapur?
3) Is City Lights at Khed Shivapur an option to Narhe Ambegaon?

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My friend Dinesh invited me to the launch of City Lights at Khed Shivapur. First township of his friend.

Khed Shivapur Properties? I am not interested.
I haven't reviewed a single project at Khed Shivapur.
Sukh-Vastu by A V Bhat & Co.
Suvidha Nisarg & Suvidha Vrindavan by Suvidha Realcon
S G Toran Sparsh by S G Developers.
Elegance by Yogayog Konde Deshmukh Developers.
I tried to avoid.

I will collect you and drop you - assured Dinesh.

Yes, of course. Friend's friend is my friend. I agreed. Only visit. No review.

On the day of launch - City Lights' Ad was on the front page of Sakal!

OMG. Good - I agreed. Otherwise, if someone had asked me about 'investing' in City Lights - what would have I said - "Sorry. I don't know."? - Don't know - doesn't sound good. Every time.

Ad in Sakal also talked about construction status of City Lights - 5 slabs & brick work of 2 floors and amenities - club house, swimming pool, gym - are ready.

It means that the launch of City Lights is not an interest free fund raising activity.

Launch of City Lights is not a trap. Set by Marathi builder to kill naive Marathi real estate investors.

It means that, may be, I can share information about an investment opportunity to my readers who don't know Marathi.

"I want to earn more than a civil contractor & less than a typical builder!"

And you know what? The visit was worth. I had meaningful conversation with Mr. Satyajeet a.k.a. Kiran Gaidhani, the builder of City Lights Khed Shivapur.

When I asked Mr. Gaidhani - Why did you become a builder? - Mr. Gaidhani said - for 2 reasons. 1) My 2 sons have joined me. 2) I want to earn more money. More than what I was earning as a civil contractor. But, certainly, less than what a typical builder earns.

Why less than a typical builder? - I asked.

Because - I haven't done anything illegal. And I don't want to do anything illegal

Here are important points, he has shared - in Marathi - in this video:

A) About the builder of City Lights Khed Shivapur:

1. For more than 30 years, Mr. Kiran Gaidhani was a civil contractor. As a contractor he has constructed more than 200 bungalows in Karve Nagar, Kothrud. As a builder he has done a few small housing schemes of 5 - 10 - 25 flats each in the same area. His biggest scheme had 50 flats.

2. Now, Mr. Gaidhani has become a builder. But he hasn't changed. He still personally supervises the construction. Of course, now, his two civil engineer sons, Omkar & Suraj, are helping him to supervise the construction of City Lights.

3.  Satisfied home buyer is the secret of my success. That's why I call 1 BHK Flat in City Lights - "Satisfaction Homes"! Said Mr. Gaidhani.

"How are you going to satisfy the property buyers?," I asked.

My 30 years experience - as a construction contractor of a bungalow - has taught me that - to satisfy a home buyer - I have to offer:
1) Good construction quality
2) Competitive price
3) After possession services.
4) My business practices must be transparent & fair.
5) I have to maintain good relations with a home buyer.

"Means - exactly what are you doing?," I asked.

Mr. Gaidhani told me that -

1) I have launched City Lights after I have started construction of 2 towers and amenities - clubhouse & swimming pool is ready.

2)  I have opened booking only after I received N A Order & plans are sanctioned by town planning authority.

3) My project is sanctioned by financial institutions. So, home loans are available.

4) My launch property rate - Rs. 2899 per sq.ft. - is competitive and my rate will always remain competitive  - Rs. 2999 per sq.ft. current rate.

My property rate is competitive because, as a contractor -
I know how to offer better quality at a less price.
How to save without compromising on quality.
How to avoid costly wastage of construction materials and reduce construction cost.
5) I have drilled enough borewells and made sure that water is available.

6) STP will be constructed at the proper stage of construction.

7) I am not over advertising to get more number of bookings - I am not after collecting booking amount.

8) I am not over spending on advertising & marketing to establish myself as a brand at your cost - at property buyers' cost.

9) I am not over trading to become a big builder. I am focusing on construction. I am constructing only first phase of 200 flat - though I can construct 1200 flats. I will complete City Lights in the next 5 years and then start the next project.

I want to deliver - give possession of your flats.
I am not interested in becoming a big builder in a shortest period of time.

It means that - your investment in City Lights is safe and possession of your flat is assured.

9) I am loading 30 per cent. Only on 'carpet area of a flat'. Not on 'terrace'. Means - if your terrace is 100 sq.ft. you are paying only for 100 sq.ft.. Not for 130 sq.ft.

10)  I am going to open a separate account of maintenance charges and give you accounts of expenses.

B) About City Lights at Khed Shivapur:

I asked Mr. Gaidhani - Who are booking flats in City Lights - Investors? For whom are you constructing this project?

Mr. Gaidhani said that:

1) His old customers - whose bungalows he has constructed as a contractor - are booking. Mainly to help him. Support him.

2) Some are booking because they want to invest in a second property.

3) Some are booking because Khed Shivapur is affordable than Narhe Ambegaon.

4) Those who work in Shirval industrial area find Khed Shivapur affordable and convenient.

5) People working in and around industries at Khed Shivapur & Katraj are also booking.

What are future development prospects of Khed Shivapur? - I asked.

Mr. Gaidhani said that:

1) Pune has expanded in all directions - Upto Ranjangaon on Nagar Road, Upto Yavat on Solapur Road, Rajgurunagar on Nashik Road, Kanhe Phata on Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Upto Pirangut on Paud Road. But because of the Katraj Ghat - and industrial zone - it hasn't expanded much on Khed Shivapur stretch of Pune Bangalore Highway. There is some development at Nasrapur. But most of the development - industrial as well as residential - is happening at Shirwal.

So, my project - City Lights at Khed Shivapur - is the nearest - closest - to Pune City. So, it is more convenient as a residence for those who can not own a home in Katraj - Narhe - Ambegaon - in Pune.

2) Khed Shivapur is on proposed Pune ring road. So, City Lights has good investment potential. When the ring road will be ready people working in other parts of Pune will be able to live here.

After talking to Mr. Gaidhani, I felt that visiting the launch of City Lights was not waste of time. I met a builder - who is interested in building houses. A builder who believes in  fair practices.  A builder who values his customers.

Now, if someone - who doesn't know Marathi - asked me about investing in City Lights at Khed Shivapur - I can tell him to visit my blog. If someone knows Marathi - he can view this video. And decide on his own.

I write this blog to share information. Not to promote a builder or a project.  What say you?  Should I keep on shooting this type of videos which will introduce you to builders & their projects? Please, share your views in the comments.

Contact to Know More about City Lights 1 BHK Flats at Khed Shivapur:

Mohiniraj Associates
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Sahakar Vasahat, Behind Lagu-Bandhu Motiwale,
Off. Karve Rd., Erandwane, Pune - 411 004.
020 - 25420423 / 26
+91 - 8408984089

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  1. The video interview was helpful. It gave a face to face meeting experience with the builder. He looks genuine and ethical. Thanks for sharing the information.

  2. Future prospect for Khed Shivapur / appreciation ?