Friday, August 8, 2014

Adult Babies Are Rushing to Book Flats at Palm Atlantis, Wagholi!

Humbled by the huge response to the launch of Palm Atlantis Wagholi, Directors of Mantra Majestique Properties are seriously considering whether to offer free gifts of Priyanka Chopra Diapers, Priyanka Chopra Feeding Bottles & Priyanka Chopra Nipples to all Adult Babies who booked 1.5 BHK Flat - 610 Carpet - for Rs. 37 Lakhs & 2 BHK Flat - 787 Carpet - for Rs. 46 Lakhs (approximate all inclusive property prices)

Press Conference of Mantra Majestique Properties

Addressing the representatives of leading national & international paid news publishing houses & TV Channels, the young directors of Mantra Majestique Properties claimed that the huge response to Palm Atlantis Wagholi is more than a business success. It's a  "social revolution".

To celebrate this social revolution, on the lines of Gay Pride Parade at Delhi, the builder is planning "1st Pride Parade of Adult Babies in Pune". From EON IT Park at Kharadi to Wagholi.

Certainly! Priyanka Chopra will lead the Adult Babies Pride Parade!!," said the director of Mantra Majestique Properties and added, "Priyanka Chopra is not only our 'Brand Face'. Priyanka is our business philosopher too. It was Priyanka - who gave us the Mantra - "Out of the Closets and into the Streets"!"

Thanking God for giving birth in a family which is in a business of selling sarees for women, one of the directors of Mantra Majestique Properties said that our ladies customers unveiled the naked truth of society. All adult males are not men. Majority of them are babies. Adult babies. At least at home!

When the directors tried to connect the dots, they realized that if they manage to bring these adult babies out of the closets they can succeed in real estate business. Particularly in Wagholi. Where there are no water and drainage systems. It means that Wagholi is an ideal place for Adult Babies who prefer to drink from bottles & happy to wear diapers.

Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog told these developers that the builders in Wagholi who had sold properties to adult males are already facing trouble. This valuable input helped them to design Palm Atlantis and all upcoming projects in Wagholi for adult babies. The directors of Mantra Majestique Properties told the paid news reporters.

Curious to know about Adult Babies, one paid news reporter asked, "How to identify Adult Babies?"

"Now, it's easy! Those who have booked the flats in Palm Atlantis Wagholi and those who join the 1st pride parade are adult babies!! Jokes apart. Fact of the matter is - authentic data is not available. However, available clinical data tells us that Adult Babies are - in their thirties, have a college degree, have a good job, and are married. It means that it's difficult to identify them. Only the wife knows the truth. And, now, Mantra Majestique Properties!," said the director.

"What would be the market size of housing for adult babies in India?," a paid news reporter of a leading financial newspaper asked the builder.

"Considering the results of recent Lok Sabha Elections - for sure - entire India is open for us!," said the director of Mantra Majestique Properties and started the slide show of Palm Atlantis at Wagholi. Have a look:

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  1. After the recent videos of angry ivy estate residents slamming the developer over unkept promises i doubt whether people would just blindly buy houses in Wagholi. The greatest irony is that builders bring in filmstars to promote their project when not even a single filmstar has bought an under construction house !!!. Take the cueue my friends... but ready posession or resale or be ready to become adult babies.

  2. Shalini Lake View Project, Undri, Pune Maharashtra – Trishul Builders:
    A) 500 Flats: Rs. 5 – 10 Lakhs Each.
    B) In 2010 the building was demolished as it was constructed on reserved government land.
    C) Money was collected from more than 500 flat buyers. Money not refunded. Hundreds of legal cases ongoing. No action on FRI lodged in 2011.
    Fraud Builder - Hemant Tukaram Buddhiwant

    all three awards for his illegal project name is Shalini Lake View residential project in Undri, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

    Rajiv Gandhi Shiromani Award 2009 by His Excellency Shri E. S. L. Narsimhan (Governor of Chhattisgarh)
    Indira Gandhi Sadbhavana Award 2009 by His Excellency Shri Balmiki Prasad Singh (Governor of Sikkim)
    Bharat Gaurav Award 2010 by His Excellency Shri S. C. Jamir (Governor of Maharashtra)

    Sanjay Dutt and Tanisha Singh is brand ambassador for this builder !!

    1. Why blame the poor brand ambassador? Has he not served his sentence!