Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Malin Landslide Tragedy - Who's Next?

Is it Mugawade - Ghotawade near Hinjewadi!?

Mugawade - Ghotawade near Hinjewadi

After Malin Tragedy residents living in hilly area are scared.

They fear that haphazard and illegal cutting of hilltop / hill slopes may cause Malin like incidence in their their villages.

Visit to such areas prove that vast number of illegal excavation, hill cutting, unauthorized development is going on in and around Pune.

Large number of hills, mountains and lands are being excavated without any necessary permission.

In Mugawade near Paud tehsil of Pune district, Sahyadri Hill is being excavated by mine blasting since last some years.

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Where is Mugawade?

A few projects at Mugawade:

Who would be held responsible for any mishap? The purchaser of a plot!?

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