Friday, June 13, 2014

Would you like to become Ghar Jamai of DSK?

A few hundred have already became 'Ghar Jamai' of DSK Dream City! / 020 3015 7483 / 020 660 47 100:

What is the difference between a normal housing project and DSK Dream City Pune (

As per DSK - Mr. D. S. Kulkarni, Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, D S Kulkarni Developers Ltd. ( - the developer of a normal housing project constructs flats - handovers possession and gets out of the project.

Like a father giving away his daughter to a bridegroom in a marriage.
But at DSK Dream City Pune, DSK is not giving away his daughter.

DSK is not going to handover a flat to you and get out of the project.
DSK is going to maintain, manage & run DSK Dream City.

It means that, DSK says, I am not giving away my daugher to you.
I am bringing you in.
You are going to come to live in my home.
I am going to look after you. I am going to take care of you.
You are going to become my 'Ghar Jamai'!

And, you know what?
On the last day of the mega launch event of DSK Dream City,
a few hundred property buyers grabbed this opportunity.
Mostly those who had faith in DSK.

Yes, faith!
I was amazed to see so many people have so much faith  in DSK.
And, it was not blind faith.
Their faith was the result of years of experience of dealing with DSK.
They knew how DSK has successfully conceived - developed - and has managed diverse business ventures profitably.
So, for them, becoming a 'Ghar Jamai' of DSK was an honor.

What about you?
You know? Booking a flat at DSK Dream City is not about location, carpet area, specifications, amenities, property prices - offers - discounts.
Booking a flat in DSK Dream City Pune is about having faith in DSK.
Would you like to become 'Ghar Jamai' of DSK?

Privileges of becoming 'Ghar Jamai':

At the mega launch event of DSK Dream City, I saw what a strong bond DSK has with thousands of people.

I was amazed to see his dedication. No wonder those who do business with him, become his devotees.

Along with DSK, his entire family - Ms. Hemanti - wife of Mr. DSK, Ms. Tanvi - daughter in law, Mr. Shirish - son of DSK & Master Daksh - grandson of DSK - were there. All are (excluding the grandson) actively involved in running DSK Group companies. At the launch everyone was busy in entertaining the visitors. Including grandson of DSK.

Not only that! When Mr. Shrikant Paranjape, Chairman of Paranjape Schemes (Constructions) Ltd. visited the event, DSK roped him in to do the honors of giving away booking receipt to the home buyer!

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  1. Will these jamai’s be real owners of a flat,or they will be Owners of the empty cubic space inside the 4 walls, floor & roof of Real owner DSK’s flats, like other townships? - vijay kumbhar