Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mega Launch Event of DSK Dream City Pune - Last Day Today!

Today is the last day to save Rs. 10 to 40 Lakhs & Book a 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK Flat or a 4 BHK Duplex in Waterfall Residence at DSK Dream City Pune!
Pune Solapur Highway,
near National Grape Research Center,
Pune 412 308.
Contact: 020 3015 7485 / 020 6689 9285 / SMS 'DSK' to 56677:

Approximate All Inclusive Property Prices at Waterfall Residence in DSK Dream City
- Today Only!

1 BHK Flats - 654 - 669 sq.ft. Carpet - Rs. 75.03 - 76.56 Lakh Onward

2 BHK Flats - 949 - 2,103 sq.ft. Carpet - Rs. 1.11 - 1.95 Crore Onward

3 BHK Flats - 1,366 - 1,358 sq.ft. Carpet - Rs. 1.54 Crore Onward

4 BHK Duplex - 4,100 sq.ft. Carpet - Rs. 3.61 Crore Onward

The mega launch event of DSK Dream City Pune, has convinced me that those who have a budget of 1 to 2 crore also face serious housing problems.

Same serious problems faced by those whose budget is 40 - 70 lakhs.

Problem of not getting value for money. Lack of basic civic infrastructure services. Low quality of life.

Those whose budget is 40 - 70 lakhs, have no option but to buy a home in some fringe village & keep on hoping that their fringe village will be merged in PMC & some day, they will get drinking water, drainage line & power.

However, those who have a budget of 1 - 2 crores, now, have a solution. DSK Dream City Pune.

Result is, some 300 + Crorepatis went ahead and booked flats in DSK Dream City Pune. And a few more will book today. On the last day of Mega Launch Event and will save 10 to 40 lakhs.

But there are 1,000 units! In every launch event of DSK - generally - all flats are booked. What will happen this time? I asked one of my builder friend who visited the event.

DSK is a Raj Kapoor of Pune real estate. Loved, admired & respected by all. His every project is a big hit. However, sometimes, some people take time to understand. Like some took time to understand that Mera Nam Joker was the master piece too. But, ultimate result is - big hit - big success!


DSK Dream City Pune Official Video Presentation:

Why did I book / didn't book a flat in DSK Dream City Pune - A few interviews in Marathi / English:

Location Map of DSK Dream City Pune:

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  1. ravida, i am no marketing person but just an engineer who knows how to build! My basic question is does we need river, tram , football ground & so many other things for living in a housing complex? Also 1bhk area is 900sft, is it the need of a common middle class person, which is the major class who wants a simple home for them. All the amenities are fine & obviously they do costs & thats why the rate but wouldnt it have been more social to curtail all such amenities & cut the rates. Also no advertise or website speaks about the maintenance costs post possession per unit along with area of the units. Rivers are not created but maintained in their natural form, thats what my environmental engg study tells me, to create a river & maintain it is like to buy an airplane & keep flying!! Isnt it forcing some person's dream on the masses whose dreams are much simpler!! May be its a future blessing but what about present?? My all wishes to the dream city residents!!

  2. Dreams and beyond ... as they call it ... but whose dreams(fantasies) are these ... who will keep the river flowing... where will all the water come from ... who will run the tram if load shedding takes effect, who will maintain and keep all the sports equipment ... Does common man ask for all these things ... are medals won by living in such dreamy locations ....or may be all these dreams are for those elite guntha mantris ... god only knows...

  3. It's interesting and very ambitious project. But i also agree with above comments related to maintenance of such lofty amenities.. my experience in mumbai has been. all such amenities cost money and most people are not very keen to spend a good portion of hard earned money for things they may not use..