Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Mystery of Gokhale Constructions' Mist at Donje

Sinhagadala Jevha Jaag Yete:

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Sinhagad Fort visited me in my dream and said, "Ravi Karandeekar, I am a big fan of your blog. Can we talk for a few minutes?"

"Yes, of course! 3 minutes - for free!!," I said.

"Why didn't you write about the launch of Gokhale Constructions' Mist?," Sinhagad asked.

"I am going to...Manish - Chief Marketing Officer - has given me latest updates," I told Sinhagad and asked, "Any suggestions?"

"A few things are not clear...can you throw light?," Sinhagad asked.

"Let me try.....," I said.

"Am I no more USP? Is a hot air balloon more appealing than Sinhagad?," Sinhagad asked.

"Come on...don't take it so seriously....it's not about you....it's about us...there are a few people among us who specialize in doing stupid things - they call themselves advertising professionals - to attract property buyers - to create 'hype' - they do all kinds of stupid things," I said.

"But the balloon didn't go up  - as shown in the ads!," Sinhagad said.

"But it served the purpose - it made a fool of many - you know? - 225 flats were booked - majority are investors - who want to spend weekends in your company - that's your power - this proves that even today - you are big attraction!," I said.

"But what about Environmental Clearance for Mist? I am worried about my future," Sinhagad said.

"Worried? Man, you are in big trouble! You are surrounded by the people who know how to play tricks - bend the rules - how to take shortcuts for profits - but these guys always win - look - the property rates at Mist have gone up - by 400 rupees!," I said.

"How come? Not many people came to Donje," Sinhagad said.

"Because of the 'online booking' - some 32,000 people visited Gokhale Constructions' website - some 8 - 10 booked too," I said.

"But, don't you think that it's risky?," Sinhagad said.

"Some believe that it's not risky - when the builder is Brahmin!," I said.

"But the real person behind the Mist is Deepak Mankar - Vanshaj of Khandoji - Subhedar of Shivaji Maharaj - he didn't get the credit at all - this is not fair," Sinhagad said.

"You can't say so - in the credits of Mist - it's clearly mentioned - 'In Association with Deeva Buildcon' - Mr. Karan - son of Mr. Deepak Mankar - was present in the press conference - Mr. Deepak Mankar himself participated in the launch of Mist - what more do you expect - you feel this is unfair - only because you don't know that - behind every successful builder there is a politician," I said.

"Is it?," Sinhagad said.

"Yes! Social commitment!! All politicians are committed to people - all they want is to give - so politicians collect land - as much as they can - then give away that land to the builders - for creating homes for common people - Rayat - citizens of the state - it's happening all around Pune - for years - so, not a big news," I said.

"Har har Mahadev! You mean to say that all is well - I can go back to sleep - right?," Sinhagad said.

"Yes! All is well - as long as - we all are asleep - you sleep tight too - visiting someone in his dreams is not a good habit," I said & wished good night to Sinhagad Fort.

Still, to make sure, that Sinhagad Fort will not disturb me again, I am embedding video interview of Mr. Deepak Mankar. Please, view -

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  1. Dear Mr Karandeekar .... why do you feel that home buyers have been fooled by the builder ?? I heard that the Phase -I is fully sold out and I dont think so many people are so stupid who will booked the flat with out thinking. I saw amazing advertisement in the paper plus the good approach with the communication and then decided the visit the site. After visiting the site I was surprised to see the sample flat as well as the planning layout ( means landscaping plan ) what can better you expect at sinhagad !! I like the project and decided to buy a flat. I feel secure and assured that my decision is not wrong and definitely not at all fooled by builder. I would request you to please tell your SO CALLED Sinhagad whenever you meet him next " look be realistic, till now you have seen only lovers and now you will see good families, child's, senior citizen and you will really live good healthy life because Punekar are coming close to you " I always feel your communication is excellent and its a god gift to you and you should really use that effectively, not to discourage or demotivate people decisions.....anyway who cares !! I am not a fooled who have not checked the track record of builder or sanctioned however I feel you should give your views which should be clear because I have observed you have changed ! with some builders your views gets changed drastically ... sometime you write such a negative remarks about that project as well as builder and sometime its good .. is this marketing or revenue model which you are following ?... I am sure you are not because I have not seen any commercial advt posted on your blog, correct me if I am wrong ? We appreciate when you give us extra information and do critical /political analysis ... be positive ! things are changing ..... but your this blog and feedback is beyond my understanding .... uff i am done now its your job to rethink ! thank you Mr Karandeekar and SO CALLED Sighagad ..... Thanks Nilesh

    1. Dear Nilesh, yes, you are not fooled by anyone. You don't need anyone to fool you. No one can fool you. I fail to understand why are you feeling like this!

    2. I completely agree with you, Nilesh! That's what I have done. I have just given extra information.
      Please, share your views on that extra information.

  2. 1) Dear Nilesh, I haven't said - home buyers are fooled by the builder.
    Please, read it again.
    Sinhagad was not happy about the hot air balloon in the ads.
    Nilesh, please, share your views about Hot air balloon.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    How do u see Singhgad Road , esp beyond Dhayri , develop in coming 4-5 yrs ?

    Shriram Oak

  4. Nilesh people like you should have done some research about builder too before bookings. Anyways all the best and god bless you

  5. Should I buy flat in gohakle mist?if yes then tell me why?my mobil no-9822447788