Saturday, June 11, 2011

1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats on Sinhagad Road Pune Launched!

The name and the launch ad of this project is comic but the builder is not!

Over 25 years, in Pune real estate market, Pate Developers ( a.k.a. B. K. Pate Enterprises ( is recognized as one of the reliable builders in Pune.

Their website ( Pate Developers claims that they do not take advance payments from the buyers until the new scheme receives all legal sanctions.

There isn't a single case of "legal entanglement over any issue"!

However, today, Pate Developers and their partners, Gund-Pethe & Wani Associates, launch a scheme called "BALARK arcadia"! And you know where? On Sinhagad Road! Most preferred neighborhood of Maharashtrian Punekars whose mother tongue is Marathi!!


May be because, as stated in their website, "Pate Developers is entering a new phase in the company’s history and has plans afoot to develop huge colonies of average 25 acres for upper middle class buyers."

Pate Developers are shifting from "middle class housing" to ultra modern homes - for "upper middle class buyers!

And, you know, upper middle class buyers - like "English" names - "BALARK (All Caps!) arcadia (All Lower Case!)"

Not only that, Pate Developers and Gund-Pethe & Wani Associates claim that like the legendary "Balgandharva" - project like "BALARK arcadia" - 1 BHK, 1.5 BHK & 2 BHK Flats on Sinhagad Road Pune - will never ever happen on this planet earth!

A project like adjoining 700 acre Nanded City Pune may happen every year but not "BALARK arcadia"!

Point is, ignore the funny ad - as you ignored "Amit Sachin Tendulkar"!

Remember that every builder is a "creator'. And some are a creative genius. Mini version of Late M. F. Husain. The man who painted Indira Gandhi as Durga during the Emergency, and Sonia Gandhi as a nautch girl when she made her maiden political foray at Bellary!

I know, for sure, you will take the builder seriously.

Balark Arcadia -1 BHK, 1.5_BHK, 2_BHK_Flats, near Lokmat on Sinhagad Road Pune (Click the Ad to Enlarge)
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  1. I am planning to buy a flat on Sinhgad Road and confuse in "BALARK arcadia" or "Nanded City". I like the arcadia flat design then Nanded City. But I think it will be more advantages for me to book a flat in Nanded city as it will give me more advantages in long term. Can you please give some more comparitve information so that it will be helpfull for us.

  2. This Balark site is behind infamous Darode Jog crossover county project. Though this builder (Mr. Pate) claims it to be part of Corporation limit, it isn't really as of now. Also there is no sweet water (for drinking) available in that area. The plot location is at the very corner side between DJ and Rajyog society. There is Cement Block factory behind the Balark site. The owners will end up spending their whole life cleaning the cement fumes which comes to their terraces and windows. The Cement factory dumpers (trucks) with frequency of 2 min block the narrow road which connects to the Balark site. This area is no man's land in the evening and land of mosquiotes just like any haunted place in India. Also all the flats are without dry balconies and other terraces are unnecessarily larger than the rooms. The rate Rs. 3500/- which Balark is quoting is unnecessarily high. Strict NO for investors/buyers.

  3. what does 2.5BHK mean? what is .5 in this scheme?

  4. I have read in news paper declaration by lawyer about Pate Developers BALARK arcadia land is in dispute.