Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lavasa will have to stop construction work immediately

1) Fault in leasing 141 hectares of MKVDC land at throwaway rates

2) Not paying the price of land to Maharashtra Government

3) Link to Union agriculture minister Sharad Pawar

4) Using Money Matters, a debt arranger at the heart of the scandal, for some property transactions and now,

5) Violation of environmental laws

The 31-storey Adarsh Housing Society building, which soars over the South Mumbai skyline as a symbol of corruption in India’s bodypolitic, will be razed.

Would you let Lavasa get away by paying a “hefty penalty”?

The Union environment ministry has issued a show-cause notice to Lavasa Corporation, which is constructing a 25,000-acre hill township near Pune, alleging myriad violation of environmental laws. The company, promoted by a clutch of investors led by Hindustan Construction Co, will have to stop construction work immediately.

The notice from the ministry continues a high-profile crackdown by Jairam Ramesh , the environment minister, on violators of India’s hitherto loosely-enforced environmental laws. The high-profile project, described as independent India’s first hill city, may get away by paying a “hefty penalty” according to sources in the environment ministry.
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1 comment:

  1. Hefty penalty should not be taken in such case.. I have not studied the environmental law.. but the right and fair would be done- by demolition of illegal structure and restoration of state of Scenic nature..
    At individual level- I suggest that one should not buy any property in lavasa city..
    Our objective should be - protecting the natural beauty in the outskirts of pune from concrete jungle and also to encourage & regulate ethical law abiding practises by builders/developers lobby. the developers must be made to suffer the Consequences of what is wrongly done by him...