Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dear customers, thanks a ton for giving us interest free finance and strengthening our "Financial Quality" - Rohan Mithila, Rohan Leher and Nandan Prospera

Rohan Leher Baner and Rohan Mithila Viman Nagar receive topmost rating 'Pune 7 Star', and Nandan Inspera Baner Road "Pune 5 Star" from CRISIL, India's leading Ratings, Research, Risk and Policy Advisory company

CRISIL ( has evaluated key factors like the quality of legal documentation, construction related risks, financial flexibility or viability of the project, besides the background and track record of the project sponsor, for the ratings.

"CRISIL Real Estate Star Ratings" matches your, Pune property buyers', assessment of the projects!:

Good news is, till now, CRISIL is right! Because, the three projects in Pune real estate market which have received the rating are already "highly valued" by you, Pune property buyers. Right? For example, Rohan Leher and Rohan Mithila have received "Pune 7 Star" rating and Nandan Prospera Baner Road "Pune 5 Star"!

However, those who have booked in Nandan Prospera would be wondering - why their project received 2 Stars less than Rohan Group's Leher and Mithila? And, if you read the report, like me, you will wonder "why didn't both the builders release the ads thanking those who have booked a flat - for paying the builders in advance and strengthening "Project Financial Quality"?

Rohan Mithila & Rohan Leher get "Pune-7-Star" rating from CRISIL
Rohan Mithila & Rohan Leher get "Pune-7-Star" rating from CRISIL

CRISIL Real Estate Star Ratings:

Nandan Prospera Baner Road: "Pune 5 Star"

Rohan Leher Baner: "Pune 7 Star":

Rohan Mithila Viman Nagar: "Pune 7 Star":

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  1. You seem extraordinarily biased & bitter regards Rohan builders. I fail to see who is providing them "interest free" finance.
    Mithila is on schedule, payment is construction linked (as with every builder) and the project quality seems excellent. Even Crisil seems to agree. A little more impartiality on your part would be appreciated

  2. Dear David, property buyers provide interest free finance to the builder - "construction link payment". So, the builder, every builder, should thank the buyer.

    Read what CRISIL says about - "Project Financial Quality"

    Thanking property buyer, or anyone, doesn't make you, or the builder, small.