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Join "aircastlespune" Yahoo! Group - if you have booked a flat in Air Castles, Marunje, Hinjewadi, Pune 411057

aircastlespune - Yahoo! Group


Ms. Mahalakshmi & Mr. Prasson, also known as Ms. & Mr "Max Mansson" in Infosys Hinjewadi Pune 411 057, have booked a flat in Air Castles ( Now, they have formed a Yahoo! Group "aircastlespune" ( If you have booked a flat in Air Castles Marunje Pune, you are invited to join!


Air Castles is a residential complex of luxurious 2 BHK and 3 BHK Flats and it is located next to Allard Institute, Kasarsai Road, Marunje, near Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park at Hinjewadi, Pune 411057. Air Castles is developed by Kohinoor Group ( and Rama Group (

Air Castles Marunje, near Hinjewadi, Pune 411057: Elevation Layout
Air Castles, 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats in 16 (Parking + 8 Story) Buildings at Marunje, Pune 411 057.
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We can share and discuss all our issues and problems,agreements, information etc about the Dynasty project.Also we can better connected via this group, and can stand united. We want all the owners to be united and share information as much as possible, so that we are aware of any potential crisis (if any).Also we can take some of the decisions together and can help each other make our home build faster in appropriate time.

P.S : Let us keep this confidential and do not share this information with the builder, for everyone's benefit
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Issue with stolen Cycle:

As many of us know, that our cycle was stolen last month because of gross negligence and security lapses in our community. After raising the issue in first meeting with builder, I was promised to get 50% of price after submitting the receipts. After subsequent follow up, Mayuri from admin office was told by the manager to pay the refunds. Nothing happened for few days. When my wife asked Mayuri two days back, I was shocked as the matter is back to square one again.

As per Mayuri, the security officer made this comment. It is shocking

"These things will keep happening in the community. So, we can not pay to everybody....."

This is an open ended statement. It shows their attitude and seriousness. First of all not accepting thier fault and again not asking us to adjust as these things will happen.

If the things will keep happening, then why to pay and hire those white elephants ?

If somebody rob your house or rape, they will simply say.... These things will happen. What should we do..... It is high time guys to wake up and do something about those morons.

I appreciate your support. It can happen to you also. It is not just about getting money back..

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Alcove Phase 1 - Window Frames:
Hey Guys,

Has anyone seen the window frames which are being fitted in the Alcove
Phase 1 flats.

We had been to the site today and were a bit surprised to see that none
of the window frames were of 6X6 size (as per the sample/show flat)

Currently the frames are divided into two parts - one is the top half of
the window (which can be opened) and the second part (lower half which
is fixed) is given for Window A/C which is not necessary as per my

This is absolutely not as per the layout in the sample/show flat .Anyone
interested to take this up with the builder?
Dwaraka_Lords · DWARAKA LORD'S, Pune - for only residents of DWARAKA LORD'S, Pimple Saudagar, Pune

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  1. Air Castles - Cancellation hassel

    My relative wants to cancel his booking at Air Castle, Marunji near Hinjewadi. registration is not yet done.

    Booking amt was Rs.1lacs and cancellation charges were 50%. Booking rate was 2450 and now he is quoting 2800 to new buyers.

    Now, when we want to cancel booking, Rama builder is asking to pay 50000 in CASH and
    also told that we will get back Rs.1lacs only whenever the said flat is sold to some other buyer.
    But nothing of this sort is written in the booking paper, it just says cancellation penalty is 50% of booking amt.

    I am going to post this issue on message boards/mailing lists of most of the Hinjewadi companies.

    Ever since booking our experience with Rama builder is very bad.

    Avoid Rama builder.

  2. Please do not buy a flat at Sukhwani Chawla's project Dynasty in Wakad. I have bought a flat
    there and personally know that construction material is very poor. The builder is also fraud since he has taken majority of money and is now asking for more money than what was decided to do an agreement. Now we are asking our money back from the builder. You can email me at if you need more info.

    If you have hard earned money then please do not waste it by buying property at Sukhwani
    Chawla Dynasty.

  3. Join the Air Castles Members Group at Facebook:!/pages/AIR-CASTLES-MEMBERS-GROUP/195357453846118

    Let us all come together to share our thoughts and have a common voice for collective bargain (if need be).

    Will invite all individuals who have booked their flat(s) AIR CASTLES, HINJEWADI, PUNE to join this group (just click on LIKE)