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Visit to Tata Inora Park Undri Pune

Dolly from Mumbai had asked my opinion about investing in Tata Inora Park ( as her retirement home. Suratwala, don't know from which part of the world, had asked me about expected appreciation of Tata Inora Park in the next five years.

It was difficult for me to give my opinion, because:

1) As far as i know, after Blue Hills in Yerawada, on Nagar Road, in the last 12 years, Tata Housing hasn't done any real estate project in Pune. So, i didn't have any first hand experience of their residential real estate projects.

2) I visit residential real estate projects in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and in the fringe villages like Sus, Ambegaon, Wagholi and yes, because of Anandgram, i have been to Yavat, which is, very soon, going to become Goregaon (Mumbai) of Pune.

However, I don't have a hobby of walking on the roads connecting Pune with other cities on the earth. So, i haven't been in the area suggested in the location map on the website of Inora Park.

Now, it was my duty to visit and find out about the location and the surrounding neighborhood of Inora Park, where these property buyers were going to invest their hard earned money and were planning to spend the last years of their life.

I got down at Khadi Machine Chowk on Katraj Kondhwa Road. Share auto had already 2 ladies, so as soon as i got in, rickshaw driver and his two friends got on the driver's seat and we took off.

On the way, in Pisoli Village, i saw the hoarding announcing that the actual sample flat at Sky Heights is ready. A little ahead, i don't know whether they were putting up a new sign board or removing the old one of Sunshine Hills.

The women got down a kilometer after Pisoli Village. Feeling safe and relaxed, i asked the rickshaw driver about Tata Project in Undri. His friend, who was completely drunk, told me that there is no Tata in Undri. I told the drunk friend that i had called Tata's office and they have told me that it is on Saswad road, half a kilometer ahead from the Octroi Post.

Rickshawala said that share rickshaws don't run on that raod but offered to drop me, if i paid him 50 rupees. But how can i come back if he just dropped me, i asked him. He said, he can't wait. So, i got down at Undri.

To get the feel of Undri Chowk, i decided to have a tea and wada-pav. Waiting for hot wadas, i started talking with Wadapavwala. He knew about Tata Housing project.

I asked him, "How come a big company like Tata started a small project of only 6 acres in your village?"

Wadapavwala said, "Who told you about 6 acres?"

I said, "The salesman of Tata company told me that they had planned a project of more than 60 acres but because of some legal issues, they have decided to go ahead with only 6 acres." There was no point in telling him that Architect Aniruddha Vaidya has a layout of Tata Township in Undri on his website!

Pointing at a fellow standing next to him, Wadapavwala said, "Ask him! He knows all about it!!"

"It's around 100 acres. A good person has collected the land and given it to Tata," the fellow said.

"You must be that 'Good Person'," i said.

"If i had done that deal, i would not have been standing here! Isn't it?," the fellow asked Wadapavwala.

"Bhatiya-saheb of Water Ridge has collected and given the land to Tata. It is 100 acres.," the fellow said.

"But, i have heard that Bhatiya-saheb has more than 300 acres land in this area. Right?," i asked him.

"May be more!," said the fellow.

After eating wada-pav and drinking tea, i took some photographs of Undri Chowk and started walking on Saswad road.

It was a pleasure to walk on Katraj Saswad road. Far and away, on the left, i could see Water Ridge and Nyati County and by the road side, quite a few junk yards.

On the right, was a range of hills, about which website of Inora Park keeps on talking and charges 50 to 100 rupees per sq.ft. extra for the full or partial view of it!

Meeting unusual people like truck drivers who specialize in transporting steel junk, junk yard owners and ice candy vendor, i didn't realize when i reached Tata Inora Park.

At Tata Inora Park, i saw two containers. Which one will have a site office of Tata Inora Park? "Whichever! First, i want to take a photograph of the security guard!!," i said to myself and requested him to give me a good pose.

"Mr. Suratwala, this guy is going to protect the dumping ground of your extra money. And Ms. Dolly, your dream of living safe and secure retired life!," i said to myself.

Oh! My god!! I didn't ask Ms. Dolly after how many years she is going to retire!! After 50 years or 10?

If you bother to know about the surroundings of Tata Inora Park, please, have a look at these photographs:

Matoshri Garden, wedding hall, just after Khadi Machine Chowk, at Pisoli and way to High Life on Katraj Saswad road:

Site office of High Life: Sample Flat is ready!:

Temple of Pisoli Village on Katraj Saswad Road:

Welcome to Sunshine Hills, Pisoli Village!

Views of Undri Chowk:

Mr. Suratwala, Would you like to invest in Mahalaxmi Heights at Undri Gaonthan, Katraj Saswad Raod?

Back side of Water Ridge at Undri:

Ice-Candy-Wala on Katraj Saswad Road:

Steel Junk-Yards near Tata Inora Park on Katraj Sawad Road:

House of Junk, near Tata Inora Park, on Katraj Saswad Road:

Views of Dive Ghat Hills and Promised Land, near Tata Inora Park, on Katraj Saswad Road:

Actual View of Nyati County, opposite Tata Inora Park on Katraj Saswad Raod:

Zoom-In View of Nyati County near Undri:

Welcome to Tata Inora Park on Katraj Saswad Road, near Undri:

Mr. Suratwala, this guy, at Tata Inora Park, is going to protect the dumping ground of your extra money:

Ms. Dolly, this guy, at Tata Inora Park, is going to protect your dream of living safe and secure retired life!

View Tata Inora Park Undri Pune 411028 in a larger map

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  1. I like post very much which deals with the Real estate Market and concern process.I agree that Tata Housing launches 6 acre township of compact and large 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats Property rate: Rs. 2,575 per sq.ft. for Saleable area.I want to know more detailed information in nearby future.

  2. :) :) ..awsome blog..anyone who has bee to that area can relate to this so well