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Regency Meadows Dhanori Pune - Available early possession few 2 BHK Flats! All inclusive property price Rs. 33.27 to 35.41 lakhs!!

Property Rates in Dhanori Pune:

Vishrantwadi Lohegaon Cement Concrete Road:

Pune Municipal Corporation's New Water Tank for Dhanori:

Dr. Mar Theophilus School (ICSE) - 7 acre campus, next to Regency Meadows Dhanori:

View Vishrantwadi - Dhanori - Kalas - Dighi - Yerawada in a larger map

Property rates at Regency Meadows Dhanori ( are keeping pace with the possessions in the first 3 buildings, construction of Vishrantwadi - Lohegaon cement concrete road and Pune Municipal Corporation's water tank!

In April 2009, the property rate at Regency Meadows Dhanori was Rs. 2,150 per sq.ft., which went up to Rs. 2,525 / 2,625 per sq.ft. in January 2010 and today it is Rs. 2,585 and 2,750 per sq.ft. for the 2 BHK Flats in the 5th & 6th buildings - Lotus and Lilly.

Can you imagine what would be the property rate of Jasmine, 7th and, (Thank God!), last building of Regency Meadows Dhanori?

Well Designed and Spacious 2 BHK Flats in Dhanori:

Every time, i visit actual, ready for possession, 2 BHK Flat in Regency Meadows Dhanori, i feel good about being a team member when the builder started his first project and feel proud of my childhood friend, Shirish Dasnurkar, the architect of the project.

I admire Shirish for designing the standing balconies, niche for shower in the attached toilet of master bedroom and couple of other details and accept the fact that it was impossible to provide dry balcony for the kitchen in the flat on the odd floors! I see the kind of specifications and amenities Regency Meadows' builder has given and don't mind spending extra for the mosquito net for the windows and sliding doors!

Every room - living, dining and bedroom - in a 2 BHK Flat in Regency Meadows Dhanori has a view - either from the terrace or from the standing balcony. Just because of no dry terrace and 1 feet less length of the terrace attached to the bedroom, saleable area of a 2 BHK Flat (1155 sq.ft.) on the odd floors is less by 5 sq.ft. than the flats on the even floors (1160 sq.ft.). Otherwise, carpet areas of the 2 BHK Flats on even and odd floors are the same.

2 BHK Flat on Even Floors: 1160 sq.ft.

2 BHK Flat on Odd Floors: 1155 sq.ft.

Property rate for the garden facing flats in Regency Meadows Dahnori is Rs. 2,750 and for non garden facing flats Rs. 2,585 per sq.ft. Including charges for MSEB, Club, Piped Gas, Soceity formation and 2 years maintenance (@1500 per month) and, of course, Stamp Duty and Registration, property price of a 2 BHK Flat in Lily and Lotus - 5th & 6th buildings - at Regency Meadows Dhanori (7 Buildings and 252 Flats) is:

1) Non Garden Facing 2 BHK Flat on Odd Floors - 1,155 saleable - Property rate of Rs. 2,585 per sq.ft. - Rs. 33,26,575

2) Non Garden Facing 2 BHK Flat on even Floors - 1,160 saleable - Property rate of Rs. 2,585 per sq.ft. - Rs. 33,40,200

3) Garden Facing 2 BHK Flat on Odd Floors - 1,155 saleable - Property rate of Rs. 2,750 per sq.ft. - Rs. 35,26,750

4) Garden Facing 2 BHK Flat on even Floors - 1,160 saleable - Property rate of Rs. 2,750 per sq.ft. - Rs. 35,41,200

For more information, please, visit the PDF Brochure and a website of Regency Meadows Dhanori.

For bookings, contact Ms. Nidhi 91 97639 30011 / 020 2702 9050 / 60

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