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Ram India Group's Unnati Heritage at Market Yard Annexe - Investing in Pune real estate is all about compromise and common sense!

1 BHK & 2 BHK Flats and Shops near Market Yard Pune:

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On Sunday, 18th April 2010, Ram India Group ( launched "Unnati Heritage ( - 1 BHK & 2 BHK Apartments and Shops near Market Yard".

The site address of "Unnati Heritage" was - "Near VIIT College, Ganga Dham - Katraj Road, Kondhwa Budruk, Pune". It means that Unnati Heritage was located on the hill top starting from Ganga Dham, near Market Yard and ending at Katraj Kondhwa Road and Upper Indira Nagar and Rajiv Gandhi Nagar at Bibwewadi. My favorite locations and neighborhoods in Pune real estate market. Which, unfortunately, i haven't visited for a long time!

View Kondhwa Budruk - Market Yard & Bibewadi Annexe- Ganga Dham Katraj Road in a larger map

When i was in Pune real estate advertising, i had launched Goel Ganga Group's Ganga Dham and handled the account for more than 3 years. Launching "Purple Castle" in Chaitraban, at the end of Bibwewadi Road, was one of my last assignments in my Pune real estate advertising career. So, when i saw Ram India Group's half page launch ad in Sakal, i was eager to visit Unnati Heritage - "A New Destination of Happiness!"

When i reached the site of Unnati Heritage, around 4 PM, i realized that, i was too late. Thank God! I didn't want to book a flat! At the small booking office, Vikram Agarwal and his colleague were showing the list of bookings to the crowd gathered around them. Requesting the disappointed property buyers to write down their contact details, both of them were promising to get in touch, if some cancellations happened.

I decided to enjoy the moment. For a long time, I haven't attended any wedding reception. So, i enjoyed mingling in the gathering of so many healthy husbands, young "Bhabhis" in the silks and shouting kids.

"Congrats! Sold out in half a day!! How come?," i asked Mr. Vikram Agarwal, when i could manage to reach him.

"Common sense! Near Market Yard you need more than 60 lakhs for a 2 BHK Flat. 1 BHK Flats are not made. Here (at Unnati Heritage), just 2.5 klms from Market Yard, we are offering 1 BHK Flat (557 to 622 saleable) for 20 lakhs (All inclusive property price Rs. 18.90 to 20.86 lakhs - at the property rate of Rs. 2,850 per sq.ft.) and a 2 BHK Flat (841 / 854 saleable) for 28 lakhs! (All inclusive property price Rs. 27.58 - 27.97 lakhs - at the property rate of Rs. 2,850 per sq.ft.) Tomorrow, who knows how far you have to go and how much you have to pay? Book today - common sense! Yes or No?," Mr. Vikram Agarwal said.

"Yes! But common sense is a rare commodity!!," I said.

"That's all (common sense) small trader in Market Yard has! His capital!!," Mr. Agarwal said.

Congratulating him once again, i took Mr. Agarwal's leave. At the corner, actually it's main 'chowk', i realized that, besides common sense, small and big traders in Market Yard have one more thing in abundance - faith and religion! How about experiencing the importance of religion in Pune real estate market, i asked myself and decided to visit neighboring Sri Shanti Nagar, next to Vishwakarma International Center.

It was very kind of my friend, Rakesh Rajapure, sales manager of Sri Shanti Nagar, to order his assistant, Siddhant Gajre, to give me a complete sales talk. Three years ago, when the project was launched, the property rate was Rs.1,650 per sq.ft. and today it is Rs. 3,480 per sq.ft.. Today, for a 2 BHK Flat of 834 carpet + 2 terraces of 13x6 & 9'6"x13'3" at Sri Shanti Nagar you have to pay Rs. 47.6 lakhs.

"Rakesh, what is the secret of your success? How could you book all the flats at these rates, in this location? Shatrunjay Temple? Mahesh Sanskruti Bhavan?," I asked.

"No and Yes. What do you mean by this location?," Rajesh asked me.

"Look around, Rajesh. We are almost in Upper Indira Nagar and Rajiv Gandhi Nagar! Wasn't it a challenge?," i asked him.

"Middle class home buyer knows well how and where to compromise! You know? In Mukund Nagar and Market Yard, you wont get a 2 BHK Flat for less than 70 lakhs! Isn't my project a good compromise?," Rajesh asked.

"Yes Sir! Today, I have learned a lot about investing in Pune real estate market! Here, about 'compromising' and there, at Unnati Heritage, about 'common sense'!," i said and thanked him.

However, i realized that unless you have a look at this neighborhood, you can't understand what's the exact meaning of the "common sense and compromise". So, once again, in an afternoon, i visited Kondhwa Budruk a.k.a. Market Yard annexe a.k.a. Bibwewadi annexe - Ganga Dham - Katraj Road and took some photographs. Please, have a look!

Contact Unnati Heritage:

Sr. No. 63 ( Part 1/2 & Part 2 ),
Near VIIT College,
Gangadham Katraj Road,
Kondhwa Budruk, Pune - 411 048.



Views of 2.5 Klms Road from Ganga Dham to Unnati Heritage, Kondhwa Budruk (Market Yard Annexe):

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Views of Smt. Laxmibai Pasalkar Chowk, Kondhwa Budruk and Site of Unnati Heritage, The Destination of Happiness:

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Views of Vishwakarma International Center and Sri Shanti Nagar at Smt. Pasalkar Chowk:

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Mayur Nagar and Unnati: Prestigious Luxurious Projects in Smt Pasalkar Chowk at Kondhwa Budruk, Pune:

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Views of Rajiv and Indira Nagar (Upper), Bibwewadi:

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  1. hi ravi,
    I wish to buy a 2/3 BHK flat in pune with a good view of mountains away from Bldg. jungle. budget 50/55 lac. Is kondhwa annex good location?

  2. I am planning to go with ShantiNagar.

    2BHK cost now 50 lakhs+ (rate Rs. 3885)
    (rates are slightly on hight side now)

    0. bigger floor heights compared to other projects

    1. near to market yard, within PMC limit
    unlike projects in Ambegaon, katraj

    2. near to schools (DPS, Bishops)

    3. each building being separate society

    4. they say rate will go over 5000+ in a year or two.
    (rate at gangadham now for 2BHK is Rs 60 lakhs/1000 sq. ft + parking)

    And yes this is true as I am staying in Gangadham only

    any comments???

  3. What will be the best rate for under construction (2 yrs) & abt to ready property @kondhwa bud., nr. sai service station.



  4. I agree with you. I stay in the hostel and this place is a big piece of shit. Seriously man it really sucks.

  5. Today I went to Shanti Nagar Office. I was searching for flat on Rent. I am the owner of software development company called "IT Design Lab" and my office is located in K K Market, Dhankawadi. Looking at the Shanti Nagar it good society with all the amenities. Asked the watch man if any flats are available on rent. They told me to ask in the society office. After waiting for 15 min in society office Mr. Nahar came to the office. I asked him if any 1BHK flats are available. He said we dont have 1BHK flats ( was sounding little arrogant) But i can understand, the society is so good that why they will sell 1BHK flats, its completely different class all together.

    Mr. Nahar said 3BHK is available for 11k rent. He said he will have to inform the owner so that he can get the key. Today is saturday and I will be going to see the flat on Monday.
    Will keep you guys updated

    Thanks and Regards
    Amit Patekar