Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 BHK Flats in Runwal Seagull, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar, Pune

All Inclusive Property Price: from Rs. 23,04,163 to Rs. 31,56,310!

Runwal Seagull Handewadi Road Hadapsar - Ready Possession Flats in the 1st phase

Visit - Inspect - Decide!

Main entrance of Runwal Seagull Handewadi Road Hadapsar Pune 411 028

The other day, when i visited Green City on Handewadi Road - Hadapsar, Pune, i dropped in at Runwal Seagull ( to chat with Ms. Shetty, sales manager of Runwal Housing (

View Runwal Seagull, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar Pune 411 028 in a larger map

Receptionist told me that she was busy and i need to wait. Good! This was an opportunity for me to flirt with the receptionist! "I want to know about the availability!," i asked the receptionist. "Sure! What are you looking for?," the receptionist asked me. "Something which suits and fits me!," i said.

"Good you are here. First let me tell you, fitting is not a problem! You can inspect and see what suits you most and then decide!," the receptionist told me and started explaining.

After a while, i realized that, yes! this is the right way to invest in a 2 BHK Flat in Pune real estate market. Visit the site, inspect the ready possession phase of the project and decide to book a flat which fulfills your minimum expectations and fits in you budget! What say you?

A3 & A2 Buildings in Runwal Seagull, Handewadi Road, Hadapsar Pune 411 028

1) Rs. 23,04,163: Carpet 551 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 10'x6' (B5-1106)

2) Rs. 23,45,502: Carpet 552 sq.ft. + Bedroom-Terrace 7'x8' (B5-806)

3) Rs. 23,51,188: Carpet 564 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 10'x6' (B5-1105)

4) Rs. 23,92,651: Carpet 566 sq.ft. + Bedroom-Terrace 6'8"x8' (B5-805)

5) Rs. 24,28,552: Carpet 576 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 10'x6' (B5-1104)

6) Rs. 24,56,362: Carpet 576 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 10'x7'6" (B5-804)

7) Rs. 25,22,842: Carpet 591 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 8'1"x9' (B4-203/403)

8) Rs. 25,40,176: Carpet 608 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 9'x9' (B4-905)

9) Rs. 25,95,244: Carpet 610 sq.ft.+ Living-Terrace 8'3"x 10' (B4-1205)

10) Rs. 26,76,261: Carpet 640 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'x8' ( B4-1202)

11) Rs. 27,42,097: Carpet 630 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'3"x10 + Bedroom-Terrace 6'4"x6'10" (B4-205/405)

12) Rs. 27,05,736: Carpet 608 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 12'4"x12' (B2-102)

13) Rs. 26,91,823: Carpet 615 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'x15' (B2-202)

14) Rs. 28,91,983: Carpet 664 + Living-Terrace 12'2"x11'9" (B2-1103)

15) Rs. 29,02,987: Carpet 664 sq.ft. + Terrace 12'2x12'3" (B2-1104)

16) Rs. 29,31,105: Carpet 678 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'x16'6" (B2-203)

17) Rs. 29,39,008: Carpet 678 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'6"x16' (B2-204)

18) Rs. 30,55,954: Carpet 715 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 9'5"x14' (B2-1205)

19) Rs. 30,70,155: Carpet 718 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 9'5"x14' (B2-1105)

20) Rs. 27,27,936: Carpet 615 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 12'4"x12' (B3-102)

21) Rs. 29,58,607: Carpet 684 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 11'x12'3" (B3-103)

Now, launching phase 2! Hoarding at Runwal Seagull, Handewadi road, Hadapsar, Pune 411 028

22) Rs. 30,50,848: Carpet 718 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 9'5"x13' (B3-105)

23) Rs. 27,08,773: Carpet 620 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'x15' (B3-202)

24) Rs. 29,75,773: Carpet 696 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 8'x15' (B3-1203)

25) Rs. 30,22,942: Carpet 715 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 9'5"x11 (B3-1205)

26) Rs. 31,17,112: Carpet 726 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 9'9"x8' + Bedroom-Terrace 4'9"x10'9" (A3-1201)

27) Rs. 31,50,508: Carpet 739 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 12'9"x10'3" (A3-1206)

28) Rs. 30,55,762: Carpet 708 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 9'x9'8" + Bedroom-Terrace 10'9"x4'9" (A3-1204)

29) Rs. 31,56,310: Carpet 739 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 12'6"x10'3" (A3-106)

30) Rs. 30,66,934: Carpet 714 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 9'x12'8" + Bedroom-Terrace 5'6"x5'6" (A3-104)

31) Rs. 30,50,440: Carpet 704 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 11'8"x9'8" (A1-1204-5)

32) Rs. 31,30,981: Carpet 735 sq.ft. + Dinning-Terrace 9'x10' (A1-1208)

33) Rs. 30,78,010: Carpet 716 sq.ft. + Living-Terrace 10'3"x8'+ Bedroom-Terrace 9'9"x6' (A1-104-5)

34) Rs. 31,25,779: Carpet 735 + Living-Terrace 9'6"x13' (A1-101-8)

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  1. Ravi,

    After pretending to be on the buyers side, you are now a full-fledged RE salesman?

    Something changed recently?

  2. Dear Friend, I don't pertained.
    I am real estate salesman.
    I am not on buyer's or builder's side.
    I am on my side.

    I use my experience, gained over the years as real estate salesman, to help the property buyers to buy a flat, invest in Pune real estate.

    Sharing information, is one way of helping the property buyer.

    For example, this blog. From the printed list, finding out exactly which flats are available for booking and putting the information from my perspective needs a few hours time.

    You can see that i have cut the crap - no property rate, no terrace area, no saleable area! Pure facts.

    Isn't this information useful for property buyer? Yes, it is! Please, ask any property buyer!

  3. Nothing more can be expected from RK, as he is RE sales man. All good news and good site reports on his blog, no negative reports and comments on his blog. Negative remarks or openions from readers never get publish on his blog about his said projects. Its all a pro pune builders mislead people into buying flats at inflated prices. I do not expect Ravi to publish my comments because there are least he can read for him self and may God give him wisdom to guide people in right way and stop working in favour of CREDA pune.

  4. I agree. This guy is just exploiting the fact that there are no other (one-stop)sources for the info. Most of them are dis-organized property portals. Make $$ dude while the hay shines:-) Way to go!
    A pune builder recently confirmed to me during a casual chat. He said 'what other place to advertise than RK's blog..' Did he say that he is an advocate for the buyers? All B.S. Beware!

  5. Thanks for the complements! Please, tell me -"Isn't this information useful for a property buyer who wants to buy a 2 bhk flat in Hadapsar?"

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Very sorry to know about your issue, SP. Please, call me on 919860044110 to Invite me for a cup of tea!, so that I can share your experience.

    2. Dear Ravi and all,

      I am happy to inform you that the issues as highlighted in my comments above when brought to the notice of Runwal Housing top management and Mr. Sanjay Runwal, were taken very seriously and were resolved to my satisfaction.

      It was my grave mistake not to follow the right path and approach for resolving the issues.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.