Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Yin Yang" your life at Kharadi!

Proxima Creations (, Pashankar Group Venture, to launch Premium Loungements, near Eon IT Park at Kharadi, Pune, in the price range of Rs. 60 to 125 lakhs!

3 BHK Flat: 1,400 sq.ft.,
3 BHK Flat with Servant's Quarter: 2,145 sq.ft.,
4 BHK Flat with Servant's Quarter:2,460 - 2,540 sq.ft.

Special Introductory Property Rate: Rs. 3,750 & 4,250 per sq.ft.

Press Release: You must have heard about the blissful effects of the classical Yin Yang theory in life. Now you can actually experience and make it a way of life at Pune. Proxima Creations is coming up with ‘Yin Yang’, a lifestyle project situated in the fast growing area of Kharadi.

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For ages, the Yin Yang theory is playing a crucial role in balancing the course of human life. It aims at striking equilibrium between the two extremely opposite sides of everyday life and offering a truly balanced lifestyle. Be it the natural elements like land, air, sky, fire and water or the emotional aspects of human life such as dreams, aspirations and existing facts, Yin Yang aims to harmonize things and offer you a healthy and fulfilling life, said Mr. Gautam Pashankar, Director -Proxima Creations.

This project is a thoughtful attempt to connect these seemingly opposite forces of life to create an interdependent natural world. Every Loungement in this project reflects the harmony of it. It’s bright on sunlight yet cool at shades. It’s strong at form yet flexible at function. It’s rooted in native geographies yet poised for a universal appeal. Welcome to Yin Yang. Discover another universe.

With this landmark project, Proxima Creations is set to introduce a new direction in the fast growing Real Estate landscape of Pune. Going beyond the conventional stereotype apartments and condominiums, Proxima Creations is offering Premium Loungements to the discerning buyers for the first time in India. It features lifestyle homes with club-class amenities and resort style living.

Every room in the Loungement is designed to offer optimum space and absolute privacy. The lavish living is attached with a grand terrace that actually acts like a premium sky lounge with designer water body. It has ample space for lofty sit-outs, inhouse lounge bar, snooker pool and terrace garden.

There is a provision for ducted Air Conditioners in living and dining area. Exclusive home automation systems have been placed to offer you superior ambience control. The imported kitchen feature international specifications, hob and chimneys. Everything in the loungement is designed to fulfill the desire of club-class living.

This architectural innovation makes a style statement on the verdant green landscape of a river bank at Kharadi. If you are looking for a home that offers a balanced, ultra-modern and premium lifestyle, Yin Yang awaits you.


Site Address :
At Survey No. 68, Near Eon IT Park, Kharadi, Pune - 14.
Tel. : +91 9922000044 / +91 9922000066

Corporate Office :
Pro1 Business Center, Level 1, Above Audi Showroom,
Senapati Bapat Road, Pune-411 016, Maharashtra, India.
Tel.: +91 20 4100 0000 Fax: +91 20 4100 0041

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  1. Hello Ravi,

    I hope you are doing well. Btw, what's your take on this project ? They still have some "Loungements" available with them.


    1. Dear Gaurav, I didn't take this project seriously. Because, at the time of launch, it was just an adventure of entrepreneur who was successful in auto dealership. Let me see, how he completes it.

  2. Hi Ravi,
    Any progress on the site and have your opininon changed about this property yet?