Sunday, March 14, 2010

Yin Yang Kharadi launched today!

Rs. 3,750 & 4,250 per sq.ft.
- Special Property Price
- From 14TH to 16TH March 2010:

On the occasion of launch of Yin Yang Kharadi, as per current fashion in Pune real estate market, Pashankar Group has published a special 4 page supplement in today's Sunday Times. The supplement talks about the Yin Yang concept, presents realistic picture of Kharadi and 3 half page ads of their newly launched project Yin Yang Kharadi. Have a look:

Welcome to Yin Yang Kharadi:
View of the project of:
3 BHK Flat: 1,400 sq.ft.,
3 BHK Flat with Servant's Quarter: 2,145 sq.ft.,
4 BHK Flat with Servant's Quarter:2,460 - 2,540 sq.ft.

Click Ad to Enlarge:

Layout plan of Yin Yang Kharadi with Amenities:

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Yin Yang Kharadi -
Premium Loungements for the high-income groups and professionals -
because the demand for high-end products is not dependent on market sentiments (!):

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Click the image or PDF if you want to know about Yin Yang concept!:

Click the image or PDF if you want to know about a home as per Yin Yang concept & why a dealer of Audi Cars, Pashankar Group, decides to built flats for those who have funds and are willing to spend it for comfort, luxury and leisure:

Click the image or PDF if you want to read about Eon IT Park and Kharadi:

View EON IT PARK - Kharadi in a larger map
"When it comes to civic amenities, we must not forget last 4 to 5 years Kharadi has seen massive growth. In comparison to the speed we are bound to face scarcity of some of the amenities. But scene is not that bad. P.M.C. is doing their best. I am sure it will improve soon."

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  1. Hi Ravi,

    What is your take on this project?

    Could you share something about the builders of this project?