Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reflections, Dange Chowk, Wakad, Pune - serious thoughts!

Reflections Wakad - Launch ad:

Reflections Wakad 

Shashwati Buildcon's (www.shashwati.in) first residential scheme of 2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats at Dange Chowk, Wakad:

Wakad - Neighborhood

I was at the 'shopping complex' looking at the main entrance of Reflections, Shashwati Buildcon's first real estate project at Dange Chowk, Wakad in Pune.

Yes, i have been here! I think that was an election rally. I don't remember much about the rally, but how can i forget a big vacant plot having a frontage on two main roads - Wakad Thergaon road and Aundh Dange Chowk Thergaon BRTA road?

Reflections Main Gate

Then, it was politics and now, real estate! Obviously, i was at the right place at the right time. This reminded me what someone recently asked me, "Ravi, how come people book a flat in the project of a not so well-known builder?"

"Reason 1 - Thanks to the "so called" well-known builders! Most of the time they disappoint the property buyers and encourage them to take a risk of booking with unknown builders." I said.

"Reason 2 - When it comes to buying real estate, general public becomes less realistic and more romantic. Ideal property buyer is never pessimistic like you!," i told my dear friend.

"Reason 3 - Acting Desperately, believing in false promises and seeking disappointments are our national virtues! Politics, Cricket and Real Estate nurture and en-cash these virtues. For example, ideas like Garibi Hatao, Team India and Property Appreciation helps to run these industries.," my final reason to book a flat with an unknown builder. What say you? Would you like to add your reasons to book a flat with a new and unknown builder?

Entrance of Reflections Wakad Pune

Reminding me that, i am visiting Reflections to find out how Mr. Siddhartha Khinvasara, of Shashwati Buildcon Pvt. Ltd. (Under Construction Website www.shashwati.in), is planning to construct his first project, i entered the site office.

Sample Flat of Reflections, Wakad, Pune:

It was a lunch time. Someone gave me a brochure, with a request to visit the attached sample flat and have a look at the presentation film of the project. In the sample flat, i noticed 3 things,
1 - furniture was quite different,
2 - dinning had a little space in this flat and
3 - the passage, which was connecting living - kitchen - dinning with the bedrooms, next to the common toilet, had a pooja room! (Good for me! On my way to the bedroom, now, i can pray. "God! Let me experience multiple orgasms tonight!")

More than the visuals, i liked the audio in the presentation film. Sincerity in the voice and adjectives used to describe the project were entertaining. I viewed it twice. I may have viewed it for the 3rd time but a salesman requested me to follow him to his glass cabin.

Reflections - prime location on Aundh - Dange Chowk BRTA Road:

Main Entrance of Reflections Wakad 

At this point of time, Reflections has opened the booking of Building A, the salesman told me. If you enter from the Aundh - Dange Chowk - Thergaon road, he said, this A Building is the first building in the project.

View "Take a first left turn as you drive down the Hinjewadi flyover!" in a larger map

"Do you mean to say that Reflections has an entrance from that road?," i asked him. Because, if it is true then Reflection would be considered as a prime project in Wakad which is located on the most important road in PCMC. It means that Reflections is in the league of Park Street and Mahindra Woods. Not a one more option to Costa Rica, Lorelle, Mont Vert Seville and Nandan Inspera on Wakad Dange Chowk road!

Wakad Pune

A Building in Reflections, Wakad, Pune:

Layout Plan of Reflections Wakad

Because of the road widening of Aundh Dange Chowk Thergoan BRTA road, Reflections hasn't opened that entrance, the salesman told me. Fine, but why did these people open the booking of most prime A building in Reflections? Generally, you know, at the launch, less prime - mostly last building - located deep inside the plot, is opened at the launch property rate. Isn't it?

The salesman at Reflections took out 4 printouts of floor plans to explain the planning and property price. I know it well that it's tough to attend to the first customer after lunch. So, to make his job easy, i told the salesman to tell me why there are 4 floor plans for your 12 story A building, instead of just 2.

He said flat sizes, in the A building of Reflections, are approximately same on all floors. But positions and sizes of the attached terraces change. So, is the saleable area and the property price. And, most important, the builder's profit!

Playing with Fire:

View of Reflections Wakad

When i saw the floor plan of 8Th floor, for the first time, i saw the proof of intelligence and creativity of the builder and the architect of the project. On the 8TH floor of this 12 story A building, though they have kept the refuge area as per the law, they have managed to have 6 flats on this floor too! Generally, you know, because of the refuge area builder has to sacrifice at least 1 flat on this floor.

Shocked to see the proof of intelligence, i had a close look at the remaining 3 floor plans of the A building in Reflections. The decision to design the refuge area in such a way that the builder doesn't have to sacrifice a single flat and should get the maximum profit from the available FSI, created doubt in my mind.

If the plan has received the Fire NOC, then i assume that, the building may be OK from the safety point of view. I don't question that. "But has this decision affected the entire planning of the building? Because of this decision is this builder offering a flat which has inadequate carpet size, impractical room sizes, attached terraces with less privacy and, in general, an ugly looking building?" i asked myself.

Demonstrating less care about the property buyer's life & investment, and focusing entirely on the builder's profit will not create a good impression about the first project of the new builder in your mind, i thought. Am I right?

I must meet this builder, i felt and asked the salesman, "Can i see the builder, Mr. Khinvasara?" I told the salesman that i am Ravi Karandeekar. I write a blog "Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog." I want to meet the builder to interview him about the planning and construction of his first project. Please, tell me how to get his appointment.

Has he any other office, second in command or an assistant whom i can talk to? The salesman said he can't help me. Because the builder comes and goes as per his wish. That's fine! But, I can't write it like this. It's not good to say that a new builder doesn't spent much time on his first project. It will create a bad impression, so please, help me to get his appointment, i requested the salesman. On this, the salesman said OK, he will do his best to get an appointment!

Property rates at Reflections, Wakad, Pune:

Contact for Booking

The salesman took out the printout of the property prices at Reflections. He looked little disinterested. So, i asked him, "Am i bothering - giving trouble? Am i wasting your time?" But he said no and kept price list in front of me. (It was so kind of him.)

Reflections at Dange Chowk Wakad has 3 types of flats. 1) Compact 2 BHK Flat 2) Large 2 BHK Flat 3) 3 BHK Flat.

1) Compact 2 BHK Flats on 1st, 5th and 9th floors have a carpet area of 654 sq.ft. + terrace. Property price of this flat (Including area x rate + MSEB & Society + Miscellaneous Charges(!) + Stamp duty & Registration + Legal + Maintenance) is Rs.32,46,400. (Whereas flats on the other floors have a carpet area of 645 sq.ft. Property prices of these flat is not given.)

2) Large 2 BHK Flats - carpet area 806 sq.ft. + Terrace - property price (Including area x rate + MSEB & Society + Miscellaneous Charges(!) + Stamp duty & Registration + Legal + Maintenance) is Rs.37,40,400

3) 3 BHK Flat has a carpet area of 910 sq.ft. + Terrace and property price (Including area x rate + MSEB & Society + Miscellaneous Charges(!) + Stamp duty & Registration + Legal + Maintenance) is Rs.44,00,800!

View of Reflections Wakad Pune

3 BHK Flat for 44 Lakhs at Wakad!:

"3 BHK Flat at Dange Chowk on the main Aundh - Thergaon road for 44 lakhs is simply great!!," i said. But the salesman was not interested in my compliments.

"Tell me who is going to construct this excellent project? Who is your contractor?," i asked the salesman. "We look after marketing. Construction is in Architect's control," the salesman said. "Oh! Yes!! Do property buyers ask you about contractor?," i asked him. "Everybody knows that contractors do it!," he said. "But do they want to know which?,"i asked. "Its there on the brochure. I show them," the salesman said and put the backside of the brochure in front of me. I realized that it's time to say good bye!

Project Management - V. R. Tupe Group:

Work in progress
Construction site of Reflections Wakad Pune

From the site office, i went to the construction site. JCB was digging the ground of A building. "Oh! You have already started the work!!," i said to the supervisor.

"Yes! From the day of the Bhoomipujan works has started," he said proudly. "Yes, half of March is over. You have to come above the ground before Mansoon starts in June!," i said.

"My boss is very strict about quality and time! He has already planned everything!!," the supervisor said. "Great! Who is he? I would like to meet him!," i said. "Sure," he said and gave the mobile number of his boss. I called Mr. V. R. Tupe and told him why i want to see him.

Mr. Tupe sounded very humble. I am just a civil engineer, he said. So, i told him how important it is for the property buyer to know that who is actually constructing the project. More important than the fittings and fixtures in the flat! Thanks to Mr. V. R. Tupe for giving me an appointment!!

Looking forward to meet young & dynamic builder of Reflections, Wakad, Pune:


While i was talking to Mr. Tupe, someone form the builder's office came and stood next to me. When i finished and started for the main gate he also started walking with me. So, i told him why i wanted to meet the project manager and the builder.

He said he is at this site from the day one. When i requested him to help me in getting an appointment of the builder, he took me to the builder's office in one part of the site office. I wrote my name, mobile number, name and url of my blog on the piece of paper he has given. He opened the door of the builder's cabin and kept that piece of paper on his table. "Sir, will get it when he comes!," he said.

This happened on the after noon of Saturday, 20th March 2010. From that moment i am looking forward to meet young and dynamic new builder of Reflections at Dange Chowk on Aundh Thergaon Road! One of the recently launched prime project in Pune real estate market.

Reflections Vs. Nandan Inspera, Wakad, Pune:

Ad of Nandan Inspera Wakad Pune

P. S. While i was writing this post someone called me to discuss about Reflections. He was confused, he said and asked my opinion about Reflections. "I am not able to decide between Nandan Inspera and Reflections," he said.

"Location of Reflection is better than Nandan Inspera. Large 2 BHK Flat in Reflections is fitting in 37 lakhs, whereas Nandan Inspera goes for 43. What should i do?," he said.

"I am a big fan of Nandan! Anytime, i will tell you to go for Nandan Inspera! Does it fit in your budget?," i asked him.

"Yes. It is. My cousin in US has booked in Nandan Prospera and he says that i should go for Inspera. I had almost decided for it and this Refelctions was launched. I like it's location and the big size of the plot and got confused!," he said.

What would you like to suggest him? Reflections or Nandan Inspera? Or are you comparing Reflections with any other project in Wakad Pune? Is it a big risk to book a flat with a new and unknown builder? Please, share your views in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the eye opener Ravi! I wish every property buyer reads your views about a project before he goes ahead with it.
    Just like I asked for your views while booking my home... remember? :)

  2. Ravi...I want to buy a Flat in Reflection..2bhk around 32L..Can I go for it..?..What is the risk of taking flat on the 11th floor.

  3. What is your reason to buy a 2 BHK Flat in Reflections?

  4. Because the location is very good (except dange chowk vicinity hoping it will get better in future)..I know the builder is new..but it is coming in my budget..

  5. "God! Let me experience multiple orgasms" ..What a cheap comment Mr. Karandeekar ?...There is a fine line between humour and being cheap and u have crossed that line...Do u have to pray to God fr havng multiple Orgasms..? LoL...Start a blog on your bilogical situation and you will get plenty of helpfull comments .. !

  6. Ref: "There is a fine line between humour and being cheap and u have crossed that line...Do u have to pray to God fr havng multiple Orgasms..?"

    Yes, not crossing the fine line is important. I agree with you. However, i don't agree about God!

  7. hi frnds i hve booked flat in reflection 3bhk at 2800/- now rate is 3000/- in coming days it will go to 3200/-

    i hve book flat in reflection because i knw Mr.Khivansara he is a big industrialist in PCMC and a gandhiwadi social serviceman, he has given land for school which is behind the reflection. yes it is rite that this is first project of shashwati group but he is a person whos having value for his words, not like other builder, i m staying at ganga constella kharadi its goel ganga group but the construction quality is too poor, so wts the benifit of well known builder.

  8. Hi I am also thinking to buy a unit in this project can u please provide your cell number so that i may have a word with you ??

  9. Mr. Ravi,
    Thank you very much for the analysis. Will you be able to comment on the current status of this project? the completion date of the project and whether the current progress is as per the plan of the builder?
    - Pramod

  10. Ravi , What is meant by "serious thoughts! " is it should take on positive or negative node...

    I mean should we thing serious to book or to not book?

  11. Sweetheart! Depends upon how much you love and respect yourself!!

  12. Hi Ravi,

    I have been looking out for projects in this area but I am confused.
    My priorities are location along was safety.I could not draw a conclusion from your blog on Reflection.I am not very much aware of the technicalities of buying a flat.
    I am looking for a flat for living purpose.
    Kindly suggest a good project in this location.

    My budget in 42L