Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The PMC can’t run buses; but wants metro rail

Pune Metro: Rs 6000 crore 1st Phase:

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Suddenly the much hyped Pune metro railway seems to be a dubious proposition - primarily due to the unholy haste with which the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has granted approval to the project and is now seeking state and central funding.

The two glaring questions that have arisen are -
can a municipal corporation which cannot run a city bus service efficiently be trusted to manage a highly complex operation like a metro rail network?; and,
is there really a need for a metro railway, especially at a stupendous cost of over Rs 10,000 crores of public money?
The issue here is this - there are several much cheaper options available; options that would be cheaper and easier to operate and maintain than a complex metro rail network. Has the PMC examined these options ? Has it taken an educated and informed decision ? Has it considered the long term implications of creating a metro railway ? Is the PMC eminently qualified to take such decisions in isolation?
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Pune Metro - Is it on the right track?

Why has the Pune Metro project been hurriedly given a green signal? What will be the impact of such a scheme on the economics and infrastructure after it is implemented, wonders Prashant Inamdar while Team Sakaal Times raises other important questions about it

The PMC Standing Committee has approved the Metro proposal in a great hurry. Subsequently, the General Body has also endorsed the decision and forwarded the proposal to the government for approval and fund allocation. Read More

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  1. Hi Ravi...

    If pune has to expand behind what ever area it has now it should have metro... u cannot reply on bus which takes 1-2 hr to reach from one end to other end. with metro travel will be more easier and efficient. it will help to pune grow and stay people outside of city

  2. Need is anticipated with future requirement. Well, as of today, may be Puneites do not require Metro, but after 5 years.... Moreover, even if they will start this project NOW, they need 5 years to complete at least some sections.

  3. Hi Ravi,

    On one side we keep saying the need of infrastructure developement in pune, bad roads and traffic...while on the other side criticise the metro project.
    # do you think if PMC take more time to work on the proposal for METRO, it would be a good proposal...I think it wouldn't change much but yes the cost of project would go up that much
    # We have a congress in centre and state...and if they can move with the approvals for the project least the project would start slowly....and would complete sometime after 4-5 years or so...and that time it would be really much needed requirement for the city commuters

    my two cents...

  4. Actually Ravi, how frequently you travel by Bus at least recently? And not sure how frequently you will metro either. This gives me on what survey or report you are simply commenting that PMC can't run buses well? Well, I agree the pathetic state of buses but thats because of roads and limitations of exmapanstions and lack of traffic deciplmnes and so on..many many factors contribute in bus service which we beleive won't be the case with Metro. But one thing sure will happen, this fast means of travel will open options of far outside areas , more spacious, probably less price homes. and that might be the probelm for your RE lobby friends who wants market/advt close proximity tinny flats for exorbitant prices. hope you won't mind but thats what I feel might be the probelm. otherwise, what is the problem of not celebrating metro in Pune? c'on up freely. Another reason I see after looking at your ref given must have been got bypassed even Pawar Saheeb too (you knwo what I mean) and went in favious of Kalmadijee..these days its the Political moves and nothing else noone really cares of real issues because they are all isolated from real issues aam janata faces

  5. First Fix the roads you have. I mean look at baner road. For past 3 yeras this road is under construction. its a cement road but look at the surface of completed portion. Just Pathetic.
    Get rid of BRT and use those lanes for metro.
    Next dig up some tunnels thru mountains... screw the environmentalists... at strategic locations so that long travel, traffic congestion and therefore pollution can be reduced. One such location is chaturshringi hill near state bank nagar.

    Yes and most important thing... get the city infra development under a central govt agency. So you get rid of corrupt state politicians and babus. Keep PMC and state out of picture.
    Award your contracts to reputed foreign companies. At least they do not compromise on quality.
    Make multiple bridges on Mula and Mutha river some for 2 and 3 wheelers and some for 4 only.
    I can go on but then again who cares about citizens like us.

  6. Looks like some people has habit of finding fault. METRO is a must when you talk about hassal free movement over long distance. If you use PMC buses by the time you travel form say Kalyaninagar to Hingewadi you are half dead, forget about traveling from further away. The infrastructure should be such that it promotes living far and still manage to travel to workplace comfortably. Please look at any developed city of the world

  7. Metro is best. Recently i visited Singapore, What a smooth travel by Metro. No need of Auto and Taxis. So helping to reduce a traffic and hassel free travell.