Friday, February 19, 2010

German Bakery Bomb Blast - Bomb exploded on encroached place

When German Bakery reopens, chances are the seating area outside won’t exist. PMC says the area was encroached upon. This means the owners might get very little compensation
While the wounds of the German Bakery blast are still fresh, there is some news that is both bad and good — depending which side of the fence you choose to stand.

When the bakery is renovated, the premises will have to be shrunk by around 600 sq ft. The reason is simple: the margin of the bakery, which means the entire seating area, was actually an encroachment.

At least that’s what information from the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) says. This means, the renovated bakery will have an area of just 250 sq feet.

For most patrons, this means the very spirit and heart of German Bakery will be lost; leaving only the actual bakery.

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