Monday, November 2, 2009

The Times of India and Lavasa launch the Lavasa Future Cities Campaign

To encourage citizens' active participation in making a city ‘‘liveable’’:

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If history has taught us one thing, it’s that great cities go beyond inspiring architecture and overwhelming skyscrapers. A well-networked transport system, green space and above all a planned township that provides its inhabitants that seemingly elusive quality of life are the hallmarks of a vibrant metropolis.

All this and much more can only become reality if citizens are involved in the planning of their home. And as citizens’ groups and infrastructure experts debate any city’s upcoming development plan with municipal authorities, they argue that a long-term proposal for a city can hardly succeed unless it involves local participation at each level.

In other words, it’s the people whose active participation defines the pulse of a city, not just urban planners and government bodies. Going one step ahead, private players who are in the business of infrastructure and real estate across Maharashtra and beyond say that public-private partnership also works best for urban planning and making a city ‘‘liveable’’.

In a bid to encourage such initiatives, The Times of India and Lavasa have launched the Lavasa Future Cities Campaign, an extensive programme that intends to kickstart a journey towards developing ‘‘future cities’’ in India

To read more, please, visit History inspires 'future cities'

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  1. Ref # To encourage citizens' active participation in making a city ‘‘liveable’’

    Ohh yeah..what a noble cause. Didn't Times group signed private treaty with Lavasa.

    Bennett Coleman picks stake in Lavasa Corporation

    So its like their own marketing in the name of History, better living and future India etc they are campaigning for themselves in return of ROI. shame Times group and shame on their media business..common man many times doesn't even understand whats been cooked behind these stories and campaigns...

    And for those who doesn't know private treaty is link

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