Monday, November 30, 2009

Citizens should act against corruption

Vigilance Week 2009:

The wealth amassed by corporators and politicians, problems related to electricity bills, the MSEB and the Pune Municipal Corporation, and land ownership issues were some of the topics on which citizens raised valid questions at the anti-corruption seminar organised by the Pune chapter of the Public Concern for Governance Trust (PCGT) at Sancheti hospital on Saturday.

The PCGT is planning another seminar on fighting corruption, that will be based on the problems of the common man. "We have also planned clinics' or interactive sessions with people from different sections of society to hear and redress their grievances. After two months, we will come up with a report on these events," said B G Deshmukh, chairman of PCGT.

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  1. What about the inflated prices charged by the Builders?

    Is that not some sort of corruption?

    Well no, since that is business ...

    Or yes, because that is too unfair a business ...

  2. Someone should raise question about the most notorious corporator of Baner, Chandere and his all illegal acts.

    How come his workers and family members dump construction waste / rubble on someone's plot/ land and threat the owner to death. When complained to authorities, no action is taken.

    How come his brother is not taken behind bar when he is runnig a prostitute racket selling 20-25 girls. All girls live in his west baner house. No police action is taken even after repeated complaints.

    This Chandere and gang were starving few years back, how come suddenly they afford 2 Ford Endeavors, a Mitsubishi Pajero and loads of other small car, and this all over a night.
    Where this money is coming from?

    Every one knows that this is all sponsored by the big gunda Ajit Pawar, but will this ever CHANGE????

    I call this as terrorisam.