Monday, November 2, 2009

Barbara can't wait for you forever!

Mont Vert Seville, Wakad Pune, to increase the property rates from 5th November 2009

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Mont Vert Seville Phase 2, Wakad (Pune) - 2 BHK ( Flat ), Rs. 22 Lakh onwards, news - It's all about Santa, Barbara and Home!

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  1. It is anyway not a 22 lakh offer, rather 30-32 lakhs.

    So it does not matter if Mount Vert makes it 50 lakhs or even 100 lakhs now.

  2. Move over Rama ... Its Barbara now....

  3. Visited them this weekend to ask them how it fits in 22 lacs. Here is what it boils down to from what they gave me.

    2 BHK area starts from 738sq ft x rate 2699/- = 19.9 lacs
    plus 2 lacs club = 21.9 lacs.(they told me this is where the "ad 2 for 22 lacs" comes from)
    + 2.25 infrastructure + 0.75 lacs development charges = 24.91 lacs Total value of flat
    plus Stamp & Reg approx 1.4 lacs = 26.3 lacs

    The apartment is small but good enough for a first time home buyer but he will eventually have to look for a larger 2 BHK or 3BHK upon second child reaching an age of 4 years. I am assuming that no parents are living with the couple.
    They had larger options too from 800 sq feet, 900 sq ft, 1000 sq ft for 2 BHK and 1300 sq ft for 3 BHK.
    I am not a fan of club membership but its is mandatory. So for now I am still unclear and thinking. My preference is about 950 sq feet 2 BHK.

    Ravi thanks for a lovely blog.

  4. It's like a typical kirana shop, where you put some shady item at some shady price for sale and claim shop items to be starting from that shady item price.

    26.3L is actually a 1-bhk flat (dimension-wise). Also, base price of 2700 is way tooooooo.... high.

    But Pune builders want to make hay while sunshines ....

  5. Hey! Has Barbara gone out for ever?
    I mean the CHEAP 22 rates !

  6. I think Mont Vert is degrading their brand by going into this gimmicky sales pitch. I knew them as no gimmick no negotiation, what you see is what you pay kind of a builderwith simply classic ads when I got my flat in Mont Vert Altessee. I guess they are being ill advised by their marketing people on coming up with these ads with lots of traps. I am not complaining about them as builder as I still deal with them for friends or family, its just the way they are now carrying their ads. In fact I have told this to one of their directors too.
    So basically it does not matter which builder you look at, don't blindly follow the deceptive ads. Just look for the plan, area, carpet to built up ratio and other costs like parking etc. Do a simple math and find out the rate per sq feet of livable carpet space. Do the same for all sites you visit and then decide,