Monday, October 19, 2009

Now, you can receive & send Tweets via SMS to me - Ravi Karandeekar, Mallika Sherawat, Shashi Tharoor, Barkha Dutt & all on Airtel mobile

Now, Twitter is available in India on SMS only on Airtel mobile phones!

I love Twitter. Twitter introduced me to net-savvy early adopters from whom i learned a lot about "online world". In "real world" Twitter was not of much use to me. Till terrorists attacked Mumbai and Poonam Agarwal sent me a Tweet, an invitation to join her group, targeted at people looking to book a 3BHK flat in Baner / Balewadi area to avail a group booking discount, Home Hunt Baner.

On Twitter, I was happy to communicate in real time. But when i decided not to use GPRS mobile, i found it very expensive to send Tweets at Rs. 3.50 per SMS. But now, with Twitter @ Airtel, i am happy to send 140 characters SMS (Short Message Service) to 53000 for only Rs. 1/- and receive free Twteets from Times of India @TOITopStories, MTV India @MTVIndia, NDTV @ndtv and Priyanka Chopra @priyankachopra !

On Twitter you can find at:
1) Twitter/RaviKarandeekar ( )
2) Twitter/PuneRealEstate ( )
3) Twitter/Welcome2Pune ( )

Who is paying Ravi Karandeekar to blog Airtel @ Twitter? Twitter or Airtel?

On my blog, you know well, most of the comments are negative. Many call me an agent of Pune builders' cartel. They are very much sure that I am paid by the builders in Pune to hype the property market. I blog on Pune real estate, negative comments claim, only to justify the current property rates.

Those who criticize me in the comments, simply don't believe that a real estate salesman, Ravi Karandeekar, would like to keep in touch with the property buyers.

Those who criticize me in the comments, don't understand why Pune real estate marketing consultant, Ravi Karandeekar, would share the information about Pune real estate market for free.

Those who criticize me in the comments, find it difficult to accept that a Pune real estate blogger, Ravi Karandeekar, who is not a home buyer, an estate agent or broker or consumer lobbyist fighting against the builder "mafia", may not be an enemy of a middle class Pune property buyer!

I request these critics to take advantage of Twitter @ Airtel offer to understand that exchanging information freely and publicly is a natural human tendency. Conversation means expressing your views and trying to understand different point of views. My dear critics, please, give Twitter a try with your Airtel mobile by sending START to 53000. Happy Twittering! Happy Diwali!!


  1. Karandeekar Saab, ab yeh tweet-phit chod do.

    Kuch acha kaam/karm karo.

    Bus ho gaya 'Builder' ki hazi-hazi karna ...

  2. # Ref: " Kuch acha kaam/karm karo."

    Thanks! Happy Diwali!!

  3. Your blogs are no longer as interesting as they used to be some 2-3 months back.. Please dont get pressurized to post new blog every day, we are ready to wait 4-5 days to see a more "meaningful" blog on pune real estate projects...

  4. # Ref: "Please dont get pressurized to post new blog every day, we are ready to wait 4-5 days to see a more "meaningful" blog on pune real estate projects..."

    Thanks! Yes, i will focus on good content!!

  5. Ravi , start writing stuff with some relevence, most of the blog posts you have 'sounds like philosophy' but is acutally gibberish...get to the basics...nobody is interested in your ultra-intellctual demonstrations.
    Frm- Sane person