Monday, October 5, 2009

Join Home Buyers Association of Pune (HBAP) to serve and protect the interests of property buyers in Pune real estate market

Congratulations Mr. Nitin Degaonkar!

Mr. Nitin Degaonkar, leader of InSignia_Pune Group, has started Home Buyers Association of Pune (HPAP).

On the home page of the Yahoo group, he says, builders in Pune are organized (Credai Pune and Marathi Bandhkam Vyavsayik Sanghatana) but the property buyers are scattered and ill-informed.

House Buyers Association of Pune will take up / address issues / concerns of buyers and help property buyers on a larger scale.

HPAP will also ensure that there is no artificially raised property prices with any possible cartelization.

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Nitin, i hope you will approve my application to join HBAP. You know, i am not an activist but as any professional real estate salesman, i care for my clients. Nitin, we, real estate salespersons, believe that if the builder, who employs us, is our father, our property buyer customer is our mother who feeds us well! Since, i have started helping property buyers by writing Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog and other related blogs, I am always in search of issues property buyers face in Pune real estate market.

For a while, you know, i am blogging news published in the news papers. Now, to write about the current issues Pune property buyers are facing and to archive the good and the bad experiences about investing in Pune real estate market, i have created an email id which Pune property buyers can use to send their complaints against the builders.

HBAP, i am sure, will give me more issues to write about. After all, most of the cases that come up before the Maharashtra State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission ( E-mail : ) are against builders.

Here is an address and link to
Forum: Consumer Guidance Society of India:

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  1. well this association would be helping buyers in buying house but not fight for any sepcific buyer with the builders - ti would be a messy affair. Individual buyers have at times utopian ideas and their expectations also need to be set right.

  2. I guess real issue in RE is you know WHAT it is and WHO is but you can hardly do anything against these morons. Any political party coming up to fight against? very less chances given the fact that most of the builders are politicians-turned-developers. but anything can be done on this core issue?