Tuesday, September 1, 2009

H1N1 in city: Criminals take a break

The H1N1 outbreak may have kept the city on its toes for more than a month now, but here is one good news:

Offences like house break-ins and vehicle thefts have shown considerable decline in the first three weeks of August, ever since the news of the virus outbreak spread in the city.
On the decline in property offences, deputy commissioner of police (crime) Anil Kumbhare said,
"The study has revealed that 39 per cent of vehicles are stolen from housing societies. The house break-in and vehicles thefts have shown a decline as most people now are staying at home instead of going out, due to the swine flu panic. The closure of schools and colleges and business establishments for a few days was also the reason why the crime rate in the first three weeks of August was less."
Another interesting aspect of the study is that the crime rate has declined because criminals coming to Pune from different places had opted not to visit the city as they fear that they might be infected with the HINI virus, Kumbhare added

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