Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breach Candy flat sold for Rs 1 lakh per square feet?

Brokers claim that's the amount Pune businessman Vijay Shirke paid for 2,400 sq-ft house, making it Mumbai's costliest deal, but he says it's not true..

Pune businessman Vijay Shirke is said to have bought the most expensive house in Mumbai after paying Rs 1 lakh per sq ft for a 2,400 sq ft flat in Sea Face Park, Bhulabhai Desai Road.

According to a South Mumbai broker, the deal took place in June while the real estate market was still suffering from the economic slowdown.

'The flat was sold at Rs 1 lakh per sq ft,' he said. Another broker from the area also confirmed this. But Shirke, while confirming that he's bought the flat, denied the rumoured price.

'I bought the flat for less than Rs 1 lakh per sq ft for nearly Rs 90,000 per sq ft actually,' he said.

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  1. Great News!

    I am so impressed about affluence of India...

    It is sure sign of India's Economic Superpower...

  2. 90k for one sq ft !!

    wow.. what a jump start for september's real estate :-D

    Some pune builders now can refer to this deal and start thinking that if they can sell at 90k in mumbai then why should we be left behind... :-D

  3. hi RaviK,
    whts the point u want to prove with this thread. du u want to say tht RE is booming again or it has brought back favourable conditions.
    pl give ur say on this.


  4. Interesting text. You have a nice blog. Keep it up!

  5. # Ref: " du u want to say tht RE is booming again or it has brought back favourable conditions."

    Do i need to say anything?
    You said it all!

    No. I was kidding.
    Take it easy, Sam!