Thursday, July 23, 2009

Drinking Water - Pune Municipal Corporation, Builders, tanker mafia and you - news links

Visit DNA E-Paper Pune Main Edition - 23rd July '09:

1) PMC robs citizens and rewards tanker mafia
Civic body has secured 'water Affidavits' from builders
- Ritu Goyal Harish & Abhay Khairnar

If you are living in a water tanker-dependent housing society in the fringe areas of Pune, then you ought to know about the extraordinary and legally questionable "water affidavits" obtained by the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) from the city's builders.

Although citizens in the fringe areas of Vimannagar, Wagholi, Mundhwa, Kalyaninagar and others are dutifully paying their water tax and other developmental charges to the PMC, the civic body has conveniently passed on its fundamental responsibility of providing water in these areas to the builders of housing societies.

While a majority of property owners in these societies have been kept in the dark about these affidavits, they have been brought to light by DNA with the help of some alert citizens. Read More

2) Shocked residents say civic body committed Fraud On Water Affidavits
-Ritu Goyal Harish

A large number of residents staying in water-tanker dependent housing society in the fringe areas of the city have expressed shock saying that they were kept in the dark about the Pune Municipal Corporation's "water affidavits" and were never informed of by the builder. Read More

3) 'Citizens must take the PMC to task'

Civic activist Velankar says the PMC cannot allow buildings to flourish without ensuring adequate water supply

Civic activist Sudhakar Velankar has come down heavily on the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) for its inability to provide water to citizens.
Velankar, who is also the founder of Grahak Hitavardhini, said not only the PMC has shirked its responsibility of giving water to citizens, but also the builder has not fulfilled his responsibilities as mentioned in the affidavit. Read More

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