Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Builders in Pune, make left-handers friendly flats

Mr. Satish Magar, president of Credai Pune are you listening? Since you believe in "inclusive" growth, you should make a few flats in Nanded City Pune for the left-handers.

Well, we are talking about the left-handers, the silent minority.
Will this silent minority continue to be suppressed by all those who are associated with the world of realty sector?

Bipinchandra Chougule of Pune based organisation for southpaws Associations of left-handers says that they have not came across any builder who make even little changes so that left-handers live peacefully.

What can be done in this regards?
To read more, please, visit - When builders make flats for the likes of Big B -

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  1. May be I'm wrong but I don't think flat is a thing to be used by an individual that can be made to be used by a lefty or a righty per say. Its not a golf club or something similar that needs to be designed and made different for lefty and righty people.

  2. Pune builder's should make flats affordable to all 'Right' buyers otherwise there will be no buyers 'Left'.

    aditi sharma

  3. I dont know what the builders are thinking at this point.. instead of reducing the prices, they are just passing this recession time by doing clown-acts and hoping that this will soon pass and again a boom will come.... If any builder is reading this post, they shud know that the recession in Pune Real Estate market is not due to other external factors but it is because of the builders themselves and their super-hyped rates... Bring the realty prices down to their worth and you will see the buyers appearing and this recession disappearing ....

    Buyers are not ready to give them their hard-earned money with right hand... so they are trying the other way round :-D

  4. Left of right, price is not right.