Friday, June 26, 2009

Last call for booking your 2 bhk flat in Darode-Jog's Crossover County on Sinhgad road

Home Loan from HDFC at 6.25 % for 2 years:

In the next couple of months, possibly, Darode-Jog Properties will not have a single unsold flat in their Crossover County on Sinhgad road.

Already, all 3 bhk flats are sold out. Only a few 2 bhk flats are available in the E, F and G wings. For these last few 2 bhk flats, Darode-Jog is offering subsidized home loan at 6.25 % for 2 years from HDFC.

For those who demand price reduction and oppose size reduction!

For a while, this special offer is promoted only in Pune offices of HDFC . I thought, i must blog this offer because most of us are looking for "normal" flats.

You are not interested in the recently launched "compact affordable homes". You are waiting for substantial reduction in the property rates. When the real estate prices will touch the bottom, you will grab the first and best opportunity to book an almost ready or an early possession "normal" flat. Right? I thought, this is it. Check it out!

Rate of Recession, Property of Boom!

On R2ICLUB Mr. metalmann's post "Crossover County Sinhagad road - Any thoughts?" is quite insightful. Mr. metalmann, who is obviously not a Darode-Jog fan, says,"I have zeroed in on this project as the least painful option available."

According to Mr. metalmann Pros are:

1. Well known builder (Darode-Jog)
2. location though not great, is acceptable as my target area Kothrud is saturated and this area is accessible by car/public transport in a radius of 5km from Swargate/Shastri Rd
3.No known water problems
4.1000_sqft + options available
5.Wife likes design and upmarket feel (hates location)
6. Choice of apartments available: out of 7 buildings, was offerd choice in 5

And Cons are:

1.Rate qouted Rs3300/- (works out to Rs3450 if we add piped gasline clubhouse charges etc) it is supposedly down from Rs3800.
A 992 sqft apt is tagged 38,50,000/-
2.Posession december 2009.
3.The outer skeletons were visible....but all internals including plastering needed to be done.

For those who value ordinary stuff!

After describing pros and cons, Mr. metalmann asks you, "Any thoughts? Is this a good rate?". "Yes, It is Mr. metalmann!," i felt like telling him.

Because, you will agree with me that, when we are serious about buying property and want to know whether the property rate is right or not, we are not talking about rupees we pay for per sq.ft.. We are talking about the value. We want to know worth of the property. Which includes money, quality and durability of the real estate, quality of the neighbors and commitment and service of the builder. Isn't it?

I know well that Darode-Jog is considered a good builder because his every project scores on these points and offers value for your money. Not because Darode-Jog's flats are exclusive and out of this world or his construction quality is extraordinary or specifications are excellent.

We, property buyers also don't expect something unexpectional. We sincerely expect good sensible planning, dependable and lasting construction quality, essential fittings and fixtures in our homes. Problem is to find something "normal" we have to hunt and investigate! Isn't it?

Since i have started Ravi Karandeekar's Pune Real Estate Market News Blog i have come across a huge number of property buyers like you who value fundamentally good real estate and reasonably good builder.

Like me, you may not know Darode-Jog for last 25 years. You may not have seen Darode-Jog's previous projects or may not have bought property from them. So conventionally, you may not be considered a Darode-Jog's customer.

But, i believe that, since you value fundamental goodness in the property you should be considered as a potential customer. You may seriously consider booking 2 bhk flat in Crossover County. Considering this possibility, it becomes my duty to blog about Darode-Jog's last call. You may not opt for Crossover County but you shouldn't miss an opportunity! I believe.

Menu Card Vs Investment Portfolio:

Here, I would like to add only one point. Recently, when Darode Jog reduced the property rate from Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 3,300 per sq.ft., they ran a creative ad campaign only (for 1 day) in the Marathi newspaper Sakal.

When i asked the reason, Mr. Sudhir Darode, Director of Darode-Jog said,"In the last 25 years we have developed a customer base who know well what quality we offer. By this price reduction we are trying to respond to their demand. We are not hunting for new property buyers!"

In short, now, when all of us are doing our best to deal with the "hang over" of economic growth and globalization, traditional tested values are gaining lost ground over contemporary favorites in every field.

In Pune real estate market, builders are looking for reunion with their traditional customer base. Property buyers like you are keeping aside "mouth watering menu card" for "investment portfolio" because, now, you are looking for a safe and long lasting real estate asset. For example, look at these options of 2 bhk flats in Crossover County:

First, about Crossover County:

1) Located on main Sinhgad road, at Vadgaon Khurd, near Loakmat Press (Phone: +91 - 20 - 2430 0001 / 56 / 65, Email : is going to get lot of importance in near future because of it's closeness to Nanded City Pune.

2) In its 2 phases Crossover County has 275 flats in nine story 7 wings. At this point, flats are available in E wing of 1st phase and F & G wing of the 2nd phase.

3) If you see the layout, you will find that the project is planned in such a way that every flat or at least the bedrooms are open from 3 sides and have a view either of inside amenities or open spaces.

4) Windows of the two wings don't face each other and offer privacy.

5) Landing on each floor is spacious and has enough light and ventilation.

6) There is adequate parking on the ground and the first floor of the building. The drive way, considerably long, is treated in such a way that it is going to become an attractive feature of the entire project.

7) Amenities are well planned and i am sure besides beauty these will add "up market" sophistication to your home.

8) Click here to visit Visual Tour on

About 2bhk flats in Crossover County:

1) Besides 3 side openness of the bedrooms which offers good light and ventilation (yes, without disturbing the privacy!), 2 bhk flats in Crossover County has a typical "Puneri" L shape for the living and dinning area which offers privacy and gives homely feeling to your flat.

2) If you see the sizes of living room, kitchen and bedroom, you will say that all are "spacious enough" to feel comfortable and provide "optimum" required space for family activities like dining, entertainment or for just being at home with your dear ones.

3) At Crossover County omnipresent dilemma of choosing between two alternate floors is solved intelligently by making it more difficult to decide! If you subscribe to the popular idea of "Terrace with the Living", your bedroom will not have a terrace. But if you opt for the even floors, you will get 2 terraces, 1 for the dining and 1 for the bedroom!

4) Thanks to the popular belief of east or west facing main doors! Your flats in F & G wings have an entrance lobby which flats in E wing don't have.

5) Click here to get the feel of your wellfurnished flat in Crossover County.

E wing of Crossover County:

1) E wing: 2 bhk flat (728 Carpet) + Terrace with Living - on Odd floors:

2) E wing: Typical Floor plan - Odd floors:

3) E wing: 2 bhk flat (722 / 723 Carpet) + Terrace with Dinning and Bedroom - on Even floors:

4) E wing: Typical Floor plan - Even floors:

F and G wings of Crossover County:

I have told you that i was very much convinced that i must let you know about this last opportunity to book a 2 bhk flat in Crossover County. But on the website of Darode-Jog Properties ( there was no information of these F & G wings. So, i requested Ms. Prajakta Kulkarni, salesperson at Crossover County, for the data. She gave these soft copies of the brochure which I am uploading for you. Please, click the image for large view.

1) F and G wings: 2 bhk flat (730 / 737 Carpet) + Terrace with Living - on Odd floors:

3) E wing: 2 bhk flat (734 / 740 Carpet) + Terrace with Dinning and Bedroom - on Even floors:

4) F wing: Typical Floor plan:

4) G wing: Typical Floor plan:

What is your take on a "normal" Puneri 2 bhk flat?

You wont believe but fact is, though i am born and brought up in Pune, i have never lived in a typical Puneri 2 bhk flat! Obviously, i am always curious to find out how does it feel.

I don't know why, but i always feel that living in Puneri 2 bhk flat must be a life changing experience. Life means, your domestic life, some sort of change must be happening in your relationship with your spouse and children, i believe.

In this Puneri 2 bhk flat, please see the graphic, though not in equal proportion but housewife has her own space of substantial size and control over a large area of the home.

While sitting on the sofa, watching cricket match with his friends, husband may feel like he owns this place and everything is set to look after him.

But if someone looks at it from another angle dear husband has a limited slot and say in this system, and can be dethroned at any given point of time by his loving spouse! Point is in Puneri 2 bhk flat, the division of space and area of influence is completely in favor of the housewife, as if husband owns the TV but remote is with wife, and, i am sure, this must be influencing the relationships within the family members. What do you think?

Surprisingly, i have heard people talking about "flat culture" when they talk about 'changing' relationship between the neighbors. But what about the changes taking place in the relationship of the family members? I am always curious to find out. Thats why my windows have no curtains.

But here, i have to ask you, "what is your take on a 'typical' Puneri 2 bhk flat?" and request you to share your "life changing experience of living in Puneri flat" in the comments. Please!

Contact Crossover County:

Ms. Sampada Joshi, Reception

Ms. Kavita Shingade, Sr. Sales executive

Ms. Prajakta Kulkarni, Sales Executive

Mr. Shuddhodhan Naik, Sales Executive

S. No. 12, Vadgaon Khurd, Near Lokmat Press, Sinhgad Road,
Pune - 411 041.

P : + 91 - 20 - 2430 0001 / 56 / 65

E :


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  1. Ravi

    I am confused with this, As on the same road Nanad City were asking 2300/- (Not remember exactly) but lower then this adv.


  2. Hello Deep!

    You are absolutely right!!

    Not only on the same Sinhgad road but Darode Jog's Crossover County is just few steps before the main entrance of Nanded City Pune!

    But nothing confusing about it. It is always like this. Look at the rates of Magarpatta City and it's neighbors! Amanora Park Town, Amar Ornate, and many!

  3. Hi Ravi,

    I am a resident of Sinhagad Road. The rate quoted for now ( Rs. 3300/ - ) does not seem worth.

    If you go ahead from this project towards By pass, Goyal Ganga is offering you rate of Rs. 3100/ -. This location is far better than current scheme's location. (Of course the possession date for Goyal Ganga is little late than Dec 2009)

    Nanded city is offering rate of Rs. 2500/ - to it's old customers and 2750/- for new ones. Unless this city develops and there is significant commercial activity, the rate of 3300/- is not justifiable for this project.

    One would argue that since the project is near completion, the rate is high. This is ok for those who are going to stay there, but for investors, they are not going to fetch good rents until commercial activity develops in nearly area.

    From long term investment, the property no doubt looks good and will fetch good value but from near term and considering current market conditions, it does not seem worth to pay this amount particularly at a time when lot of other choices from well known developers are available in developed areas of the city at comparable rates.

    Ravi your views please.

  4. # Ref: "Ravi your views please."

    - Very sweet of you to ask! Thanks Mr. Resident of Sinhgad road.!!

    I have expressed my views in the blog. I have already said that i am posting this blog on Crossover County, only because i believe that it's worth considering and i have explained why.

    However, i respect your opinion. I don't believe in right and wrong. Thanks for expressing your views.

  5. Mr. Anonymous, i am expressing my view only for the sake of discussion. I am not at all trying to convince, argue or justify Crossover County.

    # "This location is far better than current scheme's location."

    # "Of course the possession date .."

    # " Unless this city develops and there is significant commercial activity"

    When property buyer tries to approve or reject the property rate or decides to book or not to book a flat by referring to external reasons like 1) Location 2) Development of the neighborhood or internal reasons like 1) amenities 2) specification 3) possession i feel proud of myself.

    This only proves that when i was in advertising i must have done my job quite well.

    As a real estate salesman, i thank all my seniors for teaching all property buyers in Pune to think and decide on the lines which are profitable for the builders.

  6. Hi Ravi,
    I had booked a 1BHK flat in Nanded city last year. I visited Nanded city site office on Saturday. The sample flats are almost ready, I looked into the 1BHK sample flat and found that the bedroom is too small, in fact the Kitchen is bigger than the bedroom. I cancelled my flat....its not worth spending a fortune on that flat. however, I liked the sample flats for 2.5 and 3 BHK, they are very well laid out. I know that I will not be able to get any flat in the grand Nanded city in future, but I can live with it. First consolidate whats in hand before going for the grand. Your thoughts !

  7. Ravi,

    On one hand, you ask us, property buyers to negotiate and bring the rates to realistic level before booking. On the other hand, you yourself promote, advertise projects which are exhorbitantly expensive. If Nanded city too has so many amenities then why one should pay this much extra to Darode Jog? Just for early possession date?
    If there are still many 2 BHKs are yet left unsold even 6 months ahead of completion of project, that simply shows builder has to bring the rates to realistic level, instead of tomtoming about his old customer base.

    Btw, all the best to Darode Jog and yourself for promoting them on your blog!

  8. # Ref: "On one hand, you ask us, property buyers to negotiate and bring the rates to realistic level before booking. On the other hand, you yourself promote, advertise projects which are exhorbitantly expensive"

    Hello Mahesh!
    Good point! Yes, you are right.

    1) Yes i believe that, instead of waiting for the rates to come down to realistic level, you should negotiate the property rates and book. Even while booking at Crossover County!

    2) We negotiate the price only when we like the project and feel like booking a flat. Right?

    Did i write about the project which is not worth negotiating? Mahesh, please, tell me do you find Crossover County worth negotiating to book?

  9. # "If Nanded city too has so many amenities then why one should pay this much extra to Darode Jog? Just for early possession date?"

    Hello Mahesh!

    Good question! Right answer. But not complete. I would like to add.

    1) "Just for early possession date?" Mahesh, you are right, yes, possession could be one reason.

    I liked your answer because you are giving importance to your needs and expectations.

    You are on the right track. Focus on your expectations. Refer my blog to find out which project fulfills your expectations well. Don't book because amenities are more or less!

  10. Ravi,
    Thanks a lot for the useful post. Your blog continues to provide important info on projects around Pune rather than arousing passions.

  11. Hi Ravi,

    Information on your Blog about project is very good.

    I suggest one thing, Now a days all builders are bargaining minimum 400/500 Rs per sqft. Also you are expert in this field and know actual property deals happening with what price, you could suggest the final amount.

    e.g. in current blog builder is quoting Rs. 3300/- psft. But he must be negotiate it. So if you give an idea about that final rate then it will be very helpful for buyer. Also this will help to stop inflating property rates.

    This will help buyer a lot.

  12. # "So if you give an idea about that final rate then it will be very helpful for buyer."

    - Parimal, thanks! Good idea.

  13. I was thinking if Ravi has booked any flat in that rate for himself! It's easy to say price is good/great when you don't have to pay!!

  14. # Ref: " I was thinking if Ravi has booked any flat in that rate for himself!"

    - How sweet of you!

  15. What's sweet in that? Did you book?

  16. Ref: "What's sweet in that? Did you book?"

    - Now, this is flattering!

    I am Pune real estate blogger.

    For me an idea of booking a flat, row house and bungalow in every project i write about on my blog is very romantic.

    When you "assume it" or ask "did you book?", only shows how much you admire me. Very sweet of you to say so. Thanks a lot.

  17. 3100 is what they come down to when you negotiate with them ...

    I know in April, they did come down to 2700.

    So, you ask yourself ?
    1. 6.5 for two years with 3100
    2. 2700 with 8.50 or 9.00 ....

    Are we paying the same amount ?

  18. This rate of 3200 is CHEAP, it should have been 8200; and Ravi still keep selling these cheap homes at cheap rates, isn't this true Ravi???

  19. # Ref: "This rate of 3200 is CHEAP, it should have been 8200; and Ravi still keep selling these cheap homes at cheap rates, isn't this true Ravi???"

    Sorry! I can understand. It hurts. You are right, not many people can afford to buy at this rate. However, Darode-Jog has a equally good option nearby, off Sinhgad road. At Narhe, Ambegaon. Greenland County! Property rate was Rs. 2300 per sq.ft. Please, check it out.

  20. Dear Mr.Karandekar,

    I am a first timer in Pune. Can you pls let me know what are the rates prevailing for a ready possession property, residential, in differetc parts of Pune and also for a under construction one.

    Awaiting your response.

    Thank you.


    Sidhesh S Naik

  21. Hello Guys,
    Can anybody confirms whether possession is started in crossover county or not.
    What is the current rate going on there?

  22. i think few updates on Crossover county are under Westside county project as well. Worth Reading: