Saturday, May 30, 2009

Suyog Development Corporation Ltd opens booking of 1 bhk, 2 bhk & 3 bhk budget flats in Suyog Lucky Homes, near Moze Engineering College, Wagholi

1 bhk flat for 13 lakhs

2 bhk flat for 18.5 lakhs

3 bhk flat for 32 lakhs

Carpet area and property rates:

Suyog Lucky Homes' ad published on the front page of today's Sakal (30th May 2009) warns you about the misleading attractive low property rates based on the saleable areas.

To avoid disappointment of realizing (after taking possession!) that your flat is too small than you had "imagined", Suyog Development Corporation Ltd strongly suggests that you should insist on the carpet area - internal area - wall-to-wall area - of the flat.

Without going into the details of "loading" on the carpet area, Suyog - one of my favorite clients in my real estate advertising days, claims that they give you more carpet area.

At a first glance you may feel that their property rates based on the saleable area are on the higher side. But when you will understand that you are getting more carpet area, Suyog says, you will realize that at Suyog Lucky Homes you are getting value for your money. (!?)

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What is your take on the "other charges"?

Recently, you may have seen that i try to give carpet area and all inclusive total cost of the flat. Because, we all believe that, there is no point in focusing only on the per sq.ft. property rate based on the saleable area. Other charges also need 'correction'. Right?

Besides getting an idea of the real rate we pay for property or following the law ("Builders, sell on the basis of carpet area or go to prison!") considering carpet area and total cost has a practical benefit. While negotiating, i am sure, it is easy to bargain about the total cost than talking about each head separately, like parking charges, club membership, MSEB and society formation. Isn't it? Please, share your experience in the comments.

To know more about Suyog Lucky Homes at Wagholi:

Ashish - 91 93702 60025

Meenakshi - 91 93717 70025

Suyog Development Corporation Ltd.

27, Parshwa,
Sujay Garden,
12, Mukund Nagar,
Pune. 411037

Tel : + 91-20-24260025
+ 91-20-24272166
Fax : +91-20-24266188

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  1. Thanks Ravi for valuable information. I feel that saleable area concept is very dark area for many of the buyers and builders take advantage of it. The Saleable area calculation facts and rules should be known to buyer before buying the property.
    Builders take two way adavantage here.First, on the name of blah blah ... facilities, they sale on very high rate compared to prevailing market rates in the area. Second the saleable area calcuation is done based on the facilities available in the scheme as well. Why this double charge on buyer?
    So It is very much important to think about the total saleable area wrt to carpet area. I feel there should be a standard formula to measure the saleable area based on carpet area eg. 20% of carpet area.

    Just take example: Builder A has lot of facilities in its scheme. A has put saleable area =(carpet area+20% of carpet area) @ 2000 psf. Another Builder B has a scheme with basic amenities in its scheme. Builder B put saleable area=(carpet area+20% of carpet area) @ 1900 psf carpet area. So builder A will get compensated for additional facilities by charging at higher rate still keeping the saleable are equal to buidler B.

    Ravi i will appriciate if you can throw some light on the saleable area calculation process adopted by the buidlers. And what % of carpet area it should be?


  2. Ravi Dada..Is there a way you can create a FAQ for home buyers which will explain all the terms like carpet area,saleable area ,the various charges like mseb,parking etc and what we shud be aware of and what we should be asking ..this will help a lot..Also though I lived in Pune for a year I am not aware of all the locations like wagholi there a way u can put a page abt the location ,description ,proximity to various industries and long term outlook etc..maybe a brief comment about current rates will help (I know that changes..but a tentative)..

    Also can you put a page on what services you offer ,what you can do for buyers like us etc ? That will help us understand where you can help us if we shortlist a couple of projects..
    Thanks Dada for all your help on this.Jai Hind.