Sunday, April 26, 2009

Regency Meadows, Dhanori, offers 2bhk flat (1155 sq.ft.) for 28.70 lakhs & 3 bhk flat (1415 sq.ft.) for 33.5 lakhs (all inclusive)

70% construction of the first phase complete:

Township of 250 flats by Regency Group:

View Vishrantwadi - Dhanori - Kalas - Dighi - Yerawada in a larger map

Property rate Rs. 2,150 sq.ft.

I liked this ad published in today's Sunday Times (!) for three reasons.

First, it was not about so called expensive "affordable homes".

Second, i liked the head line, "Pay less. Gain more."

Third, Regency Meadows is developed by Regency Group. Long time ago, when i was in real estate advertising, Regency Group was my client. I have done lot of work for their first project in Pune, Flower Valley at Wanawadi. At that point of time, i was very much impressed with their construction quality and finishing.

I have not visited Regency Meadows, but i assume Regency Group must be following their policy of delivering "good home at a competitive price". Because this policy helped them to enter and grow in Pune real estate market in the last slow down!

When i asked Sunil, salesperson at Regency Meadows, what he means by "pay less"? He said that in Vishrantwadi property rate is around Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft. but at Regency Meadows only Rs. 2,150 per sq.ft.

He was referring to Vishrantwadi and not to Dhanori, still i didn't argue because we have to encourage the spirit of competitive pricing in Pune real estate market.

Because all of us wish for reduced property rates. Not for the reduced size of a flat. Right? What say you? (Comments Policy),

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  1. Ravi, very short and sweet post and it tells all about the project. Thanks for it and keep it up.

  2. Ravi,
    Any plans of covering Saffron City - as they are offering NA plots, this is big project but also their first, so how does one know that offer is genuine and how do you know that plot being sold to you is approved by local authority - I mean i know that they have PMC certification/plan authorised number, etc, but what to look out for when purchasing NA plots...Sachin

  3. Hi Ravi,

    Actually as a buyer, I still think that 2050/1950 sqft is expensive considering the site which is located at Dhanori.
    Dhanori has long way to go in terms of development and there is hardly any development apart from the big road being under construction.

    The problem with this project is not the quality, bu the size.
    The area of 1155 is exploded by 1 extra terrace (Terrace not included in FSI) extra balconies.

    Considering a builtup of 1050 , if well managed could have costed less with sufficient space. Builders easily eat away 25% as loading.

    All in all.. 28 lacs for Dhanori is too hard, but considering the quality it's still digestable.

    Considering your experience and knowledge can you suggest the development plans of Dhanori. Apart form the much touted Shahara City , i am not aware of any big development projs in that area. I also heard about the Ring road etc.. but have no information about it..

    Please find time to share the information if you can..