Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pune's growth key to cheap housing'

If city can be expanded upto 80 to 100 km on all sides and the government provides basic infrastructure such as roads, efficient public transport, water and electricity, it is possible to offer houses at the rate of Rs 1100 per sq ft," D S Kulkarni, the DSK Developers Limited's chairman and managing director.
In a market bedevilled by high prices and low availability of housing units, there is a need to segregate the approaches to 'affordable housing' and 'housing for the economically weaker sections', the city's leading real estate players said on Wednesday.

Participating in a round table debate on the present housing scenario in Pune, hosted by the Times of India Group of publications, the developers also stressed upon the need to facilitate both horizontal and vertical growth of the city so that more housing stock can be created and prices brought under control.
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  1. DSK is talking rubbish, because he is fighting elections.
    We cannot provide enough infra to existing localities. let's not talk about future.

  2. Yes agreed. Bull shit talk for election year. He is getting a BSP ticket. win or loose, he will get some building or low housing contracts from Maya Bahan in UP. Please mark my word. This is a done deal.
    Ashamed of how low human can go.