Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pune real estate market report:

Real estate sales stagnate:

According to the report, released by realty research and advisory firm Xxxxx Xxxx XxXxxxx Xxxxxxx on Monday, the field is now open for genuine buyers to exploit the rationalized rates.

Under construction properties are only selling if they are under the banner of a reputed and credible developer, for the rest, only ready-to-move-in options count, the report elaborated. Read More

Real estate sector looking up!

Citing the recent experience of a host of developers in the city, X X X X has said that the real estate sector in Pune is beginning to look up.

Mr. Xxxxx Xxxx says that the first signs of the turnaround that are visible now can be attributed to factors like low interest rates on loans, reduction in real estate prices and most importantly a change in the sentiments of the people, which was also a major reason for the downturn in the first place. Read More

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

However, if you insist, please, write in the comments: (Comments Policy),
1) name of the realty research firm who reports "stagnation" and
2) Who says "Looking Up"!

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  1. It's indeed a TOI-let paper. TOI is a newspaper (Times group in general) with only agenda of exploiting all possible avenues of making money; not giving a damn about journalism, ethics or sense of public service. In Pune they sensed the ad revenue in the real estate market and since then they have been accomplice in the real estate bubble. They have been arranging the property exhibitions in hotels like Le Meridian, every Saturday churning out property specials which were best examples of 'yellow journalism'. They must have been feeling the pinch since the downturn has begun. Ad revenue is shrinking and nobody is paying for favorable news in the Saturday property special any more. (have they stopped producing the Saturday property special now?)

    As a supposedly balanced-view blog you should sometimes cover stories like this one too "DLF set to price Delhi project 50% lower" DNA 9th April

  2. These both realty research and advisory firm are big time selling lies, why I am saying this is because they are ought to function like Rating agencies. Now once these Rating agencies functioned in a biased manner, the implications are such catastrophic like today's recession. The same realty research and advisory firm are doing to indian real estate. For example: Every buyer according to them should take a home with huge loan on these unrealistic home prices, which is 10 times or more his annual income and so all the Service class of today in few years time comes under a loan burden, and once again a small recession comes and that small recession will expand into a large one as slowly the value deteriorates and Service class starts to 'Default'. So what will happen then. The same American story can happen here also if such "realty research and advisory firm" keeps on performing their biased roles.
    Haven't these "FIRMS" not read the 'Lamb and Wolf' Story?? How many times you will fool the buyers.