Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Maintenance charges: Members of co - op housing society must pay regularly or they can be shown the rulebook

In extreme cases, action can include auction of moveable property, and the apartment:

Persistent defaulters must be dealt with under the purview of the law. The procedure for recovery of dues is stipulated under section 101 of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960.

To read more, please, visit Ritu Goyal Harish's article published in today's DNA, Pune Main Edition, Page 2.

Do you give due importance to the maintenance charges and neighbors while booking a flat?

While booking a flat, we talk about property rates, specifications and amenities but do we consider how much we have to pay to maintain the project? Including the property tax we have to pay to PMC.

Besides the expenses, do we give due importance to our would be neighbors who could harm or enhance the social life and appreciation of the property? Before booking a flat, Do you insist that the builder should provide names and contact details of other property buyers in the project? Please, share your experiences and views in the comments. (Comments Policy),

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  1. More bills to pay...Nice post and you have one great blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Important article Ravi. Only one comment?

  3. # Ref: "Important article Ravi. Only one comment?"

    - There is one more important post, according to me, which also has only one comment!

    - Headline of the post is:
    "Do you fear your builder?"

  4. Water leakage from above flats...
    Why should water leakages from the flats above to the flats below not be attended by the Cooperative Housing Society Managing Committee?
    Does any society member take permission of the flat owner staying below his flat for his opinion before carrying out the Renovations and Repairs of the flat?
    Is it not the Society Managing Committee who grants permission for the Repairs and Renovations of the flat to its members?
    Is not the Society responsible for the so many other Repairs of the Society?
    Does any one force a society member to buy the terrace flat?
    It is bought out of choice so why should the society do the repairs of the terrace leakages?
    Why then in the case of Terrace Repairs, it becomes a society responsibility.

    Any Answers: Do the solicitors have any opinion?
    Can the Cooperative Housing Society Registering Authority give any opinion?

    if the Managing Committee is not taking any responsibility to repair such negligent water leakages..
    Grieved members who suffer from such water leakage in their flats due to the work carried out above their flats should report such matters to with photographs :
    Local Area Municipality (Buildings Department).
    Lodge a Police Complaint in their area.
    Report it to the Cooperative Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Society.

  5. Owner Members Demand from your Managing Committee
    The M-20 bond has been signed and submitted to the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Society.
    That every Committee Member complies with:
    Member of a Co-operative Housing Society in Maharashtra, who has more than two children is not eligible to be a member of the Managing Committee. This disqualification is applicable only to a member to whom the third child is born after September 7, 2011
    Also, if a member is convicted by a Court of Law for any offence involving moral turpitude, that member is not eligible to be elected as a member of the committee unless a period of six years has lapsed since such conviction.
    A member who defaults in payment of dues to the society within three months from the date of service of notice in writing is not eligible to be elected as a member of the committee.

    As per the Maharashtra Co-operative Society Act 1960 vide Section 73(1AB) every members of Managing Committee of Cooperative Housing Society have to execute the M-20 bond and submit it to the Deputy Registrar of Cooperative Society to make them accountable of their personal responsibility and liability towards the society and its members.
    (Bombay High Court – Writ Petition No:457 of 2007) under article 226 of the Constitution of India.

    Bye Law No: 136 of the Old Model bye Law and Bye Law no: 138 which lays down that the members of the Managing Committee shall be jointly and severally liable for making good any loss which the society may suffer on account of their negligence or omission to perform any of the duties and function cast on them under the Act, Rules and bye laws of the Society.

  6. Hi,

    I own a flat in Pimple Saudagar area in Pune. The Name of the apartment is Alcove. The maintenance charges for my flat is calculated to 2200 rs. However, since I have leased this flat to someone, he has been asked to pay an amount of 2700 rs. Is there such a law or something which allows the society to charge extra maintenance from the tenants. I am only aware of non occupancy charges which is not more than 10% or the regular service charge.