Monday, September 8, 2008

News! Tanaji Malusare City (TMC) Karjat - provisional allotment letter of flat by September 20, '08!!

Actually, you already know this. Right?

Tanaji Malusare City (TMC) Karjat will send you a letter. My contact said they are trying their best to declare the result of the lottery by September 20th, 2008. Mostly, result will be uploaded on TMC's website too ( After you receive the allotment letter, you will get only 15 days to make a payment. So please, read the allotment procedure, once again, on the website and be ready!

Today, luckily, i could talk to my contact in TMC Karjat and got this news. True, Tanaji Malusare City's call center number 022 6772 7100 is always busy. However, if you keep on calling, you could talk to the customer care executive!

Actually, is there any point in calling TMC Karjat? Isn't it too early? The last date of the submission of an application form for 1 room kitchen flat (Rs. 3 lakhs), 1 bhk flat (Rs. 5lakhs) and 2 bhk flat (Rs. 7 lakhs) was August 23rd!

We all know, for 3,000 flats - 1 room kitchen 2,000 + 1 bhk 500 + 2 bhk 500 - how many application forms are submitted! No, nobody knows the exact number. But, for sure, number is huge! Thanks to computerization! Still it takes time!

So, keep your fingers crossed. Trust your lady luck. Enjoy these recent photographs of Tanaji Malusare City which is built by Sterling Construction Systems (SCS), a quality construction technology which takes less time to build a home that lasts for 100 years!

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  1. an idea whether provisional allotment letter of flat are sent ???

  2. how do customers get out of this project? I have heard the promoters are trying to sell off the land!