Monday, August 25, 2008

Know our Political Leaders - Courtesy PIL on Sharad Pawar

Here is a startling report on our great leader from Maharashtra who has played the kingmaker role in Indian politics.Yes it is none other than our Sharad Pawar of NCP whose tenure of 6 times as Member of Parliament, Chief Minister, and Cabinet Minister Roles at the center, Chief of BCCI and many roles prospered him for generations.Thanks to certain P.I.L (Public Interest Litigation) which brought some highlights on Pawar’s wealth for common citizen’s references.

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  1. For some reason, I am not been able to post my comments on the original site. Posting here.

    While no surprise on the content of article, it is surely an eye opening.

    The recent boom in Stock Exchange followed by Real Estate industry has created many (in lacs) such cases. Not just the Lavasa, but even Amanora, Blue Ridge, Kumar's township.... all these big townships have the similar stories. Forget these big townships, even smaller apartment complex do have 100s of stories.

    By taking a big proud on what we have achieved in terms of GDP in last 3-4 years, we must be surely ashamed on how have we achieved this. With such stories increasing day-by-day, I am sure the day of doom for this country is already written somewhere. Hope, we do not wait for that and start recovery.

  2. I had opportunities to move around pune for land-scouting... and it was a very common thing to hear about how many 100's of acres which politician owns in which area. I was told that, apparantly almost all land on the other side of dehu katraj bypass belongs to pawar and kalmadi. Somebody(a local) told that they have bought (at minimum value), the entire village mhalunge (almost 400 acres) behind the new CYG stadium at balewadi. This was done with hook and crook, even by threatening lives. This town will see a major price hike within an year.

    Hope someday some reporter dares to do a sting operation on these. They need to go in all these towns and interview people with hidden cameras...

    I am feeling highly motivated to enter politics... :-)

  3. Amanora, Blue Ridge, Kumar's township, Nanded cty.

    Make no mistake. There are not many buyers who have booked flats i these projexcts. There are just lies about good bookings.

    Pune property rates can not go beyond 1700-2200. If you don't belive, ask two questions..
    1. Can you pay rate more than this ?
    2. Can you actually 'saw and verified' that someone other has paid rate more than this in today's scenario when crash bells are ringing on every corner. ?

    If answer is NO, then RE has crashed already. Its just media who has not yet projected it.