Monday, June 23, 2008

Rohan Builders opens bookings of Rohan Mithila at Viman Nagar in Pune at Rs. 4,150 per sq.ft.

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Website of Rohan Builders is still down!

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Rohan Mithila - Rohan Builders biggest project!

If you click the ad, the enlarged view can tell you few things about the project.
1) Rohan Mithila is Rohan Builder's biggest project, yet.

2) Rohan Mithila will have world class standards.

3) Rohan Mithila is 56 acres in size.

4) Homes in Rohan Mithila are breezier. Remember "breeze", please do not expect "air" here. If you want Air supply, please, visit well ventilated homes in Rohan Leher, near Balewadi Stadium, Baner.

5)Rohan Mithila has luxurious apartments, duplex and penthouses.

Row hoses are not available for bookings.

Homes at Rohan Mithila are more specious. Please, do not apply world class standards or even Pune standards of speciousness. 'Specious' from Rohan Builders' standards.
2 bhk flat - saleable area 1,230 sq.ft.
3 bhk flat - saleable area 1,453 sq.ft.
Carpet area is not available.

6) Homes at Rohan Mithila will be lit by copious ( abundant, plentiful as per Oxford English Minidictionary) amounts of (free!) natural lite.

7)Homes in Rohan Mithila will be surrounded by lush-green landscape. ( over 6 lakh sq.ft.) Lush green is the uniqueness of this landscape.

8) The landscape, sorry, lush green landscape and 7 swimming pools of Rohan Mithila will make the beholder stare in awe. I am sure about this. Because Rohan Mithila is in Viman Nagar. And in the dictionary of Viman Nagar, there is no W after alphabet V.

9) Rohan Mithila will have modern amenities.

10) Rohan Mithila will be wrapped in absolute tranquility. One more wonder, considering that Rohan Mithila is close to Lohagaon Airport which belongs to Indian Air Force and it's a base of Sukhoi fighters.

11) Rohan Mithila will have unknown luxuries! For example? Not mentioned in the ad. May be frequent free sprays of aviation turbine fuel from the sky! Please, find out when you visit the site office.

12) Rohan Builders have given more attention to the details.

13) Rohan Mithila is going to become a latest land mark near Viman Nagar. You may exchange flying kisses when you take off:

14) Rohan Builders appeal you to prepare yourself to wish little bigger. What can be a bigger than this? I don't know. May be a home near this. If you know, please, let me know in the comments.

To know more:

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Call: 91 020 2567 1110
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Commercial Complex and Star Hotel:

Yes, Rohan Mithila is not only a residential scheme. It's commercial cum residential project. Rohan Mithila will have a 1.5 million sq.ft. commercial complex and a star rated business hotel. Rohan Builders' Rohan Mithila at Viman Nagar is Pune's Pride!

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