Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kumar Properties' Park Infinia at Fursungi - increases property rate to Rs. 2,600 per sq.ft.!

Rs. 2,500 per sq.ft. was an introductory offer of Kumar Properties' Park Infinia, 41 acres garden township of 1,008 flats at Fursungi in Hadapsar. We all knew that the property rate was going to increase! Yes, in one week booking rate is increased by 100 rupees.
At 2,500:
1) 2 bhk flat - 1100 sq.ft. - Rs. 31.43 Lakh
2) 3bhk flat - 1570 / 1585 sq.ft. - Rs. 43.60 to 44 Lakh
Now at 2,600:
1) 2 bhk flat - 1100 sq.ft. - is for 32,55,200
2) 3 bhk flat - 1570 / 1585 sq.ft. - is for 45,22,040 & 45,61,820

Congrats! Kumar Properties for increasing the rate!

When SRK Developers launched OvalNest at Warje - Kothrud annex, they have given 'One Rate Commitment: No rate rise for the first 2 days'! Kumar Properties had not given any commitment about the rate. They have only said "special inaugural offer".

So as per the conventional practice, Kumar Properties was free to close the offer and increase the rate. Particularly, when all 3 buildings were almost booked in the first 2 days and they had to open new buildings on the weekend! But Kumar Properties did not increase the rate. They let people confirm the bookings till Monday evening. And then, increased the rate.

Congrats, Kumar Properties! For offering the rate. For not increasing the rate. And for increasing the rate. (Sounds funny, but think of those who have booked. Smart fellows!)

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  1. Ravi,

    Good site for you with comments by most developers/builders of Pune :

    I found very bad remarks about Mont Vert builders.

  2. Reality :

  3. Thanks Ravi for the updates but I'm wondering on you congratulating Kumar builders on increasing the rates. big deal and for whom and by who?
    BTW - good to know there is some hope on OTHER perspective on realty. All the best to a new blog started -


  4. Interesting blog link.
    I came across TOI news on similar story -

    I am quite surprised to read that prices in Mumbai subarb touched to Rs.11000/- p.sq.ft.
    Pune is not an exception, as prices increased from 1000/- level to 4000/- level in the suberbs of Pune since 2004. Pune builders are still increasing priced every day, which is surprising.

    Ravi, what are your views on this latest news on slow-down?
    What is the way forward for Pune real estate? Will the prices increase further by at least 20% so that the newly entered investors at least get a relief.
    Are the recently launched town-ships really over booked (I red your previous post with a news that Nanded Phase1 sold out, Paranjape BR Phase1 sold out, Kumar MP Phase1 and Park Infinia sold out)
    I have almost made up my mind to book a flat in Nanded city in July during my visit to India, but read that the phase1 bookings are over and next bookings starts in December. Hope, I will get a booking (against so called cancelled booking)How much appreciation should I expect by 2013? Will it be at least 6000/-?

  5. Anonymous of Sunday, June 15, 1:24 PM IST,

    You know what, this is a common practice of builders. When there are less sales, increase the rates and panik the investors. Builders have fooled investors many times in the past with such tacticks. Now, it's known to every one. I don't believe that these schemes are sold out. Builders are not loyal to investors and also no given commitment to investors, every day they talk different, quality is also not that great only web presentations are great. Lastly, prices are on the moon.
    For these reasons, I am out from this market and prefer to grow my money with some other options here in the west. Good luck to you all.

  6. Ravi, your old confused friend is back. Again with a question. Please reply.

    Q. a) How do u compare the facilities for Park Infinia vs Nanded city(or magarpatta city)?
    b) Which one is better?
    c) Park Infinia looks better. What's your say?


  7. Hello Sandy! You are not confused. You are doing fine. Problem is we do not know anything about Nanded City. Park Infinia's presentation is in front of us. Obviously it looks better. Mostly because of the clarity. One is visible and other is invisible. At least on the web layout plan on my Flickr is the only document available. See how many people have seen it - 3,180! Slide show on Slideshare - 1,895 views! But these are only concepts without any details! Of course, Park Infinia is a good project. Personally, i like every thing - floor plans, layout of the project and amenities. Clarity and Pricing makes it more attractive. Even for you!