Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fool who purchased flat in pune..(!)

This is a name of the blog! Fool who purchased flat in pune... This is VK's blog. In the profile VK has not told us anything about himself. Considering the content, this is fine. You can easily make out from the name of the blog itself that this blog is about the 'experiences' of the end-users, property buyers, people who have booked their dream homes, 2 bhk / 3 bhk flats in Pune real estate market.

Never book a flat until:

Most of the time, we talk a lot about the specifications, amenities and booking rate of the property. Of course, these things are important. But you can not take a decision only on these points. Concept is always glamorous. Property price can be less or more. We know, real estate rate does not reflect the worth of the project.

We have to remember that builder always presents his concept as if it is a finished product. But when we book a flat, we are only placing an order. Your flat is going to be constructed and you wish or not you are going to get involved in the manufacturing process.

Obviously, you have to consider the experiences of the people who had an experience of dealing with the same builder. True, every project is totally different in all respect. Still, after visiting the previous project and talking to the residents in that project, you can get an idea about the way the builder treats the customer and executes the project.

Hot properties in Pune real estate:

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But you should never book a flat without visiting the previous projects of the builder and without talking to his old customers. If you do this you, you will not be considered as a 'fool who purchased flat in Pune'!


  1. I usually come to your blog from Twitter.
    I noticed you always post faves.com links to twitter, instead of ur blog link directly. This costs me one more click(in adition to tinyurl for tweet link). Can you post direct blog links.

  2. Faves.com and Twitter Yes, sure. Thanks, for bringing this to my notice. I will post direct link to Twitter. Thanks, for visiting my blog. I hope, i am following you on Twitter!

  3. Please let me know what will be cost of 800 Sq Feet Flat in Wonder City, Katraj pune ?

    Any problem with the project ?