Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How to differentiate between a good builder from the bad?

Answer: “One should look at the builder’s track record and ask him for certificates. You should get value for your hard earned money,” - Nitin Nyati, Nyati Group.

Which Certificates?
CIDC-CQRA Construction Quality Certificate!?

or PBAP Membership Certificate?

Why are there no housing schemes for the lower or middle classes?

Answer: “Even though as a developer, everybody would like to do that, it is not feasible due to the constraints of the land availability and the cost of construction. Hence, there should be special residential zones made available at affordable rates to lower classes and the government should give concessions for that.” - Nitin Nyati, Nyati Group.

Oh my god, Mr. Nyati doesn't know! Without any government concessions, someone is constructing "affordable housing" at Wakad and he has shattered "real estate price barrier" in Pune!

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