Sunday, April 20, 2008

Real States in Pune and IT Professionals

There is an another angle to it. It is the agent lobby. They have now started to work on anything beyond X is mine policy.

Talk to any agent and you find that they have flats at Baner worth 1 crore and if you don't buy it in a day it will go.

If you happen to meet the same agent six months back, he had said the same thing about that flat at Baner, but at 25 lakhs.

Suddenly Baner, Kharadi has become as expensive as the heart of Pune.

It's a another fact that it still resembles a Village and if you have not got your own car, you will be skimmed big time by any auto that you find after waiting for one hour....
Hem Acharya found this somewhere . He doesn't know who the author is but it made him comprehend. To read more, please, visit:
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  1. Hey Guys,

    Had Someone noticed about sudden fall in the newspaper advertiseements by Builders.
    Please try to find out New Pre -Laundch OR New Project Launch In Todays edition of Times of India Pune edition.
    Builders had realised that there is no use of such offers OR Advertisements in the news papers as peoples are smart and not responding to such offers.

    This is really a good sign of stability even I must say begening Realestate market crash.
    So please hold on your funds still market crash and you will be the Owner of your dream Home in reasonable price.

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