Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pune real estate slowdown - ‘‘There May Be Short-term Slowdown In Real Estate,’’ Shamsu and Hussain Lalani, Directors, Lalani Group

Having carved a niche in Mumbai’s high-end and middle-income residential segment with over 20 projects since 1985, the Lalani Group of Developers and Builders has now set its sights on the fast developing Thane and Pune markets.

Projects on the anvil here include a premium residential project at Thane’s Ghodbunder road and a state-of-the-art IT Park at Bavdhan, close to Pune’s IT hub of Hinjewadi.

In an exclusive interview, the company’s young directors, Shamsu and Hussain Lalani, sons of founder Shaukat Lalani, shed light on their future plans and their views on the current turbulent real estate market scenario. Excerpt:

Q. RK: On the downside, real estate growth is said to have slowed down considerably due to negative factors like increasing home loan rates, overheated market scenario, indifferent budget, hike in input costs and rising property prices.
How do you assess the impact of these key factors on real estate growth and its pricing mechanism in the near future?

HL: With home loan rates climbing from around 7.5 per cent to the current 10.5 percent, it’s definitely going to pinch the customer thereby impacting the market. But this will slow down demand only in the short term, simply because at the end of the day if somebody wants to buy a house he will still go ahead and buy one, irrespective of the home loan rates.

Transactions might slow down in the short term and there might be a slight price correction to the extent of 10-15 per cent in areas where realty prices have doubled and even trebled in the last two years, but the market is not going to fall. I don’t think there will be a repeat of the 1995 scenario when the property market really crashed and created a huge turmoil. Even if there is a minor price correction in overheated areas, the market will still climb eventually, though it might not be at the same pace as in the past two years. However there will still be moderate growth.
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