Monday, January 14, 2008

Where is Wagholi?: Number 1 question on my "List of Questions to Ask before Booking a 2 bhk flat in Pune real estate"

I believe in the list. Particularly, in the list of questions to ask. Why? Because I am suffering for not asking questions.

I did not know about "100+ Questions to Ask a Prospective Spouse". I never prepared my list of "Interview Questions and Answers" and asked questions i was not supposed to ask my employer.

Result is, i have started keeping a list of most essential questions to ask before booking a 2 bhk (even 2 and half bhk flat! 'what is half?') And i am learning how to ask questions the smart way.

But, when i visited the property exhibition of Promoters and Builders Associations of Pune (PBAP) at SSPMS ground, i realized, i have to learn a lot about asking questions about Pune real estate.

At PBAP exhibition, i found myself asking "Where is Wagholi?" again and again, which was not at all on my list of questions to ask.

I asked myself "Why i am asking this question, Where is Wagholi?, again and again?"
"Because the girls at the stalls were pretty" I answered to myself. In my earlier job it was a tradition to ask the beauty of the office,"Will you, please, come with me to Wagholi?" before "Aati Kya Khandala?" became famous.

"I did not know what to ask after i asked about the property rate." was my second answer.

"When you know location is Wagholi, there was no point in asking my number 1 question "Is flat "in" ready possession?"" was my third answer.

"I liked the answer! Every sweet girl was referring to Viman Nagar." was my fourth answer. But 'Viman Nagar answer' should have been my most important reason to ask "Where is Wagholi?" because when i was in Pune Real Estate advertising i had done a very successful ad campaign "Come home to Viman Nagar" for Lunkad Realty.

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But why nobody referred to Kharadi and Ranjangaon?
If you know the answer please let me know in the comments.
Or i have to ask Anuj Puri, Chairman & Country Head, Jones Lang Lasalle Meghraj.

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