Wednesday, October 3, 2007

We have solar heaters and water harvesting in all our projects including Marvel Diva and Marvel Elan - says Vishwajeet Jhavar, Marvel Realtors, Pune

The concept of 'green buildings' is fast catching on. This is true of IT parks, SEZs, commercial properties and to a small extent, residential properties. Essentially these are projects that take into account ways and means to conserve energy, reduce emissions and avoid waste. This happens through use of energy efficient appliances, optimum location to make the best use of solar energy available etc. The concept is more the need of the hour rather than an impressive buzzword. Writes Saurabh Turakhia, in his story, Real estate finds its 'green pasture', in Hindustan Times.

The projected growth potential for green buildings in India is estimated to be Rs 2,000 crore by the year ending 2008 according to the last Green Building Congress held in India.

"Some Indian players are already putting efforts to develop green projects." writes Saurabh and talks about Kanakia, Parsvnath Developers and Marvel Realtors. Saurabh writes : Pune-based Marvel Realtors, which develops luxury apartments also gives a thumbs up to the concept. CEO, Vishwajeet Jhavar says: "We have solar heaters and water harvesting in all our projects including recent projects like Marvel Diva and Marvel Elan. We also replant trees as far as possible to the extent they have been cut down."

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