Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Good news Pune! Four Fountains is opening 2 spas in the next few weeks which will offer the luxuries of any five-star spa at less than half a price

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"Usually, a spa offers its services at around 2,000-4,000, which is the mold we want to break," said Anurag Kedia. Four Fountains spas will offer both world and Indian therapies at a price band of Rs 399-799.


Anurag Kedia, Saurabh Garg (IIM Ahmedabad), Sunil Rao (SP Jain) and Arnab Mitra (IIM Calcutta) passed out of their respective institutions in 2004, but in two years, they were fed up of their corporate jobs. They're now rolling out Four Fountains, a chain of spas that will offer the luxuries of any five-star spa at less than half the cost.

KPMG and Unilever :

I read about these guys on Sify Business in an article "Entrepreneurs are getting younger,..by Sanat Vallikappen. "All of us had great exposure, there was a lot of learning happening, but we also realized that much more could be achieved if stepped out of our corporate world comfort," says Anurag Kedia, who worked with KPMG before he decided to move out 10 months ago. The other three worked with Hindustan Unilever.

Spiritual and Romantic

Sure! Anurag, with this brand name, concept and price, i am sure, you will go places. I liked your brand name Four Fountains. Besides the obvious reason behind it, according to Swami Rama, it's Indian spiritual reference :
If you analyze your mental attitudes, you will learn that those attitudes have roots deeper than mere thought. All the roots of your attitudes lie in the primitive fountains: food, sex, sleep, and self-preservation. If you really want to do sadhana and understand life and all the motivations that drive your life force, you must understand these four primitive fountains. Any problem that you have can be seen as related to these four sources.
and romantic Roman relevance will be very well received in Pune. I won't be surprised, even if i saw Mr. Vinay Phadnis, Chairman and Managing Director of Sahil Group in your Four Fountain spa. His Mandara Spa may be Asia's biggest five star spa but it is in Alibaug and yours in Pune!

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  1. Here is my experinece at the Four Fountains Spa.
    I opted for the Oriental Outing package at Four Fountains Spa. This includes a Thai massage, Foot Reflexology and a Facial. I decided to pay extra for the Aroma Therapy Massage instead of the Thai massage so that oil would be used. However, the massage was nothing but rubbing. It was exactly like the Rs. 300 massage that the woman who comes home gives you. After the massage and the so called foot reflexology, the therapist instructed me to take a shower. She then made me lie down for the facial. I don't think she even knew what a facial was. She used a cleanser on my face which I told her was burning my skin. She then used a scrub and then used the same cleanser again even though I had already told her that it wasn't suiting my skin and was burning me. She then put on a pack. I asked her when she was planning to remove my blackheads and whiteheads since I know I have a lot. She said she would do it after the pack. Everyone knows a pack is meant to close the pores so this makes no sense. After removing the pack she proceeded to dig her nails into my chin to pretend to remove one. DISGUSTING. She then told me my face was clean and I was done. This kind of facial I can do at home for free in 10 minutes. Why should someone pay Rs 749. Not only that, I proceeded to get sick as she had instructed me to wash my hair after the massage and I was lying down in an air-conditioned room with wet hair for an hour. I had to go home and wash my hair yet again because the cleanser, scrub and pack had got onto the front part of my hair making it greasy.
    This was a terrible experience. Definitely a waste of money and 3 hours of my time.