Thursday, October 25, 2007

ALERT suggests changes in the building norms and Development Control rules for environment-friendly housing in Pune

City-based NGO Association for Leadership Education, Research and Training (ALERT) on Wednesday has suggested changes in the building norms and Development Control rules that will help mitigate and adopt measures for climate change.

“The suggestions will help in promoting environment-friendly housing in the city,” ALERT representatives Vandana Chavan, Sandeep Khardekar and Ravi Choudhari said in a letter to municipal commissioner Praveensinh Pardeshi.

Suggestions for Eco-friendly Housing:

Survey of underground water sources and aquifers be made.

Underground digging to provide services and parking to be stopped immediately.

The glass fa├žade of buildings should be regulated as it leads to increase in power consumption in the buildings.

PMC should not allow underground digging of the plot used for construction as it affects trees in the adjoining area.

The feasibility of allowing tall buildings in the light of climate change be studied before implementation.

A consultancy cell be put up for promoting energy efficient buildings.

The PMC should monitor building designs to ensure that green cover is preserved.

Put restriction on the capping of a plot as it covers the entire area affecting water absorption capacity of the soil.

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