Monday, September 17, 2007

Who is more concerned about displacement of the people, government policies and Indian culture? Liquor manufacturer, BPO or Real Estate Developer!

Of course, Real estate developer!

But some Mr.Prakash Belawadi does not think so. Does he think, Bangalore real estate developer is the enemy of society? Like the villain of the Hindi film. Who is the hero of Bangalore? Liquor Baron!

Prakash Belawadi is theatre personality and film-maker. He is the prime mover behind Nani Cinematheque, a film society in Bangalore. Nani Cinematheque is organizing a film festival, possibly the first in India and even in the world, focused on real estate.

The festival will address three major issues related to realty. The first is displacement, its politicization and fallout. The second issue concerns government policy. Finally, there is the cultural issue, where trends in real estate contribute to changing lifestyles.

Belawadi is looking for corporate sponsors but he won’t seek support from real estate firms as this might dilute the quality of the festival.(!?)

In Pune, Virendra Chitrao and Satish Jakatdar of Aashay Film Club would not have felt shy to go to Shashank Paranjape of Paranjape Schemes or D.S. Kulkarni of DSK Group and ask for the sponsorship, even for this subject!

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