Friday, September 21, 2007

Regional Airport, one more good news for Kolhapur real estate!

Mr. Patil, marketing manager of Parnjape Schemes, had worked and studied Kolhapur real estate market for many years. He thinks long cherished dream of 'Kolhapur becoming IT Destination' is soon going to be the reality! Obviously, all Pune real estate developers are going to Kolhapur! Paranjape Schemes is already there for many years but Mantri, Kumar, Naiknavare are also in Kolhapur! Now, this news about regional airport. I think, i should start Kolhapur real estate blog!

Of course, Kolhapur has an air strip and regular passenger services are conducted from Kolhapur. Mr. GR Gopinath, MD, Deccan Aviation, said in an interview that Belgaum, Kolhapur are great cities and they will act as a feeder plan to tier II cities for Kingfisher customers.

Shri S.D. Mandlik in his speech "Need for taking over of Kolhapur Airport by Airport Authority of India." in the Lok Sabha had said:
"The Kolhapur air port is located in agricultural production zone. The items like flowers, mangoes of various varieties, hand crafted goods, variety of Jaugary and hand crafted silver ornaments are being exported from Kolhapur and surrounding districts like Sangli and Ratnagiri through Mumbai Air Terminal.

In addition to above various industrial machine and parts are also being exported from Kolhapur Industrial Estates of Shiroli, Gokul Shirgaon and Kagal. Kolhapur district also has 22 spinning mills and majority of them manufacture export quality yarn which is also exported from Mumbai. The District also boasts of 18 functional sugar mills and therefore has a potential of heavy passenger traffic."

Now, Radio Mirchi, Tomato FM, Malls and IT park, Damania's new Flying club lots of things are happening in Kolhapur!

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