Sunday, September 16, 2007

Big New Delhi real estate developer, Uppal Housing Ltd. has set aside Rs. 1,500 crore to expand into Pune and other tier II and III cities

Promoters and Builders of Pune, get ready! Uppal Housing Ltd. is going to be a tough competition. No, do not laugh sarcastically. They may not be as big as DLF, Parsvnath, Unitech, Omaxe and Ansal but do not under estimate Uppal.

Remember, Uppal are from Delhi. We all know, everybody who goes to Delhi or comes down from Delhi is by default big. I am sure, i do not have to give you any example to explain this; particularly in this season when we are celebrating "Pune Festival"! So let us find out, why Uppal is going to be a tough competition.

No, not because Uppal Housing Ltd. is famous for super luxurious residential apartments in and around New Delhi. They have constructed more than 20,00,000 of super luxurious sq.ft. You may know about their 'Marble Arch' - Group Houing project at Manimajra, Chandigarh or 'Plumeria Garden Estate' at Greater Noida.

Not, because Uppal Housing has deep pockets because of their capacity to rope in foreign partners, like 'Israel-based Aviv OCIF', 'Trinity Capital (PLC) and Vernado', New York based realty trust.

Not, because Uppal Housing can appoint a team of world renowned Architects: 1. US based architect 'Oru Bose', who was associated with the designing of 'Disney Amusement Parks': is an architect of Marble Arch. 2. 'M/s. GSA' based in Sydney, Australia is an architect of 'Metro Park'. 3. An internationally acclaimed architect, 'Dr. Timothy Seow : is an architect of 'Plumeria Garden Estate'.

Yes, I know, any builder in Pune, i mean any 'PBAP member', can compete on construction quality. We have already proved that we can 'attract' foreign joint venture partners. Look at Runwal Housing, Marvel and Panchshil! Some of us have to improve their 'landing skills', but, otherwise we all 'take off' very smoothly and enjoy 'flying' abroad. So, appointing a foreign architect is not a big deal for us. Because of all this, you may feel, we can give a good fight and comfortably win, but, sorry, i am not sure, we can not be so sure!

So, I decided to have a close look at Uppal Housing. Naturally, i visited their web site and studied their planning. Hoping to find out something extraordinary. But, let me confess, I did not find anything, except the size of the toilets! I have not seen a toilet of 6' x 12'4" in India! 6'8" x 8'2" is OK but 6' x 12'4" is too much. But this is not a big issue, 'Rohan' and 'Marvel' are already giving big toilets in their super-luxurious projects. Anytime, they can easily increase the size of their toilets by 1 or 2 feet!

Then why i am feeling threatened by Uppal Housing? When 'FDI' comes to town i am happy but when anybody from Delhi comes down i feel insecure! Is this the typical 'tier II city mentality'? Are builders in 'Coimbatore' feeling same about 'Vascon'? Or, is it because we all can not forget our experience of dealing with Delhi. Becasuse whenever it is about New Delhi, we have always won the battle but lost the war because of some petty reason and had to satisfy ourselves with the minor role or ministry!

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