Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The acoustics major, Bose Corporation, planning to open "Experience Centres" of their world famous lifestyle home theatres all over India

The acoustics major follows a direct selling model in the country, which includes online buying and company owned and managed outlets.

“We have 13 stores in the country and have started our first experience centre for lifestyle home theatre range in Calcutta. We are always looking for suitable opportunities. But a lot will depend on the real estate prices,” said Ratish Pandey, general manager of Bose Corporation India Pvt Ltd.

Bose outlets are set up at central locations that carry a high real estate price tag.

The experience centre in Calcutta, the first of its kind in the country, is built over 3,000 sq ft. “We have piloted with Calcutta where we enjoy a high brand recall and awareness coupled with music lovers. If the experiment proves to be successful, then we could look at a national roll out,” Pandey said.

"The company plans to strengthen its presence in the existing markets, especially in smaller towns like Pune and Jaipur", Mr Pandey said.

“We want to supervise the quality of each store ourselves. Bose products are state-of-the-art. Therefore, the experience in the store is of paramount importance,” he added.

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